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cajole (someone) into (something)

To persuade or entice someone into doing something. Good luck cajoling someone into helping you clean your house! With the promise of baked goods, I was able to cajole Kelly into house-sitting for me.
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cajole (someone) out of (something)

1. To persuade or entice someone not to do something. Good luck cajoling a teenager out of sleeping till noon!
2. To persuade or entice someone to abandon or get rid of something. Every time I turn on the TV, some charity or organization is trying to cajole me out of my hard-earned money.
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cajole someone into something

to coax or persuade someone to do something. They tried to cajole us into helping them move. You can't cajole me into doing that!
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cajole someone out of something

1. to coax or persuade someone not to do something. Try and cajole her out of going there. I cajoled her out of leaving so soon.
2. to coax or persuade someone to give up something or give away something. She tried to cajole him out of his inheritance.
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I could not believe how the jockeys, Pat Eddery and Joe Mercer, were able to cajole a sustained gallop from their mounts throughout the contest and still bring out a glorious `guess who?
A man who let his wife weep on TV about the pain of sending their son down the motorway to university, then urged her to phone Labour MPs and cajole them into voting for strangers' sons to be sent to their deaths in the desert.
Meanwhile, Sir Bobby Charlton is currently in the Bahamas, trying to cajole CONCACAF members into joining the England bandwagon.
Addressing the Knesset, Peres cajoles gov't to reach a 2-state arrangement with the PA - and provides a "simple" solution for the Iranian threat.
The young pouting Goddess is done splendidly when she cajoles Christopher to help her and then angrily laments her fate.
As Nosferatu's leading man, Gustav von Wangenheim, Izzard puts on hilarious faces as Murnau cajoles a performance out of him with the camera rolling.
With his raspy voice and animated gesturing, he cajoles dancers in rehearsals or delights them in his memorabilia-laden apartment with passionate and irreverent recollections of his formidable career--dancing with Olga Spessivtseva, creating a role for Serge Lifar, forming a partnership with Yvette Chauvire.
Offsetting the heartrending synergy between the leads are hilarious featured turns by Lynn Redgrave as Whale's primly disapproving Hungarian housekeeper and Jack Plotnick as a not-so-naive gay film student whom Whale cajoles into stripping for an interview.