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cadge (something) from (someone)

slang To borrow something from someone. I need to cadge your textbook from you before the big test.
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cadge (something) off (someone)

slang To borrow something from someone. I need to cadge your textbook off you before the big test.
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on the cadge

informal Begging for or sponging things from other people. Primarily heard in Australia. My brother's been on the cadge ever since he dropped out of college, and our poor parents give him everything he asks for. I hate being on the cadge like this, but until I find a new job, I'm pretty broke.
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cadge something from someone

 and cadge something off someone
Sl. to beg or borrow something from someone. Go cadge some sugar from the lady next door. I cadged this jacket off a friendly guy I met.
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cadge something from someone

and cadge something off someone
tv. to beg or borrow something from someone. I cadged this jacket off a friendly guy I met. He tried to cadge a ten-spot from me.
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cadge something off someone

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These days, the word is also used to mean wheedling, scrounging or cadging.
An onlooker said: "He was cadging drinks and you could tell he had been drinking."
Some diehard Lollards, such as the outspoken William Thorpe, saw them as a kind of ongoing knees up which provided pilgrims with little more than an excuse for lying about their experiences (and thus cadging drinks in taverns) for the rest of their lives.
They taught me all the country ways including collecting moorhen eggs, scrumping for fruit, pulling up potatoes and cadging dried milk from the mill.
DOUBLE gold winning swimmer Gregor Tait enjoyed the welcome at the airport - before cadging a lift from the First Minister.
LES FERDINAND will pilot his helicopter to matches next season in his role as a Premiership pundit - but his new colleague Tim Sherwood won't be cadging lifts any time soon.
"I shall use the money to buy myself some equipment, which will come as a great relief to the musicians of Huddersfield, whose gear I've been cadging for years."
DONKEYS years ago, my late father-in-law worked in Witton and there was a man there who was constantly cadging cigarettes off everyone, and they all got fed up with it.
And in New York magazine, Tobi Tobias protested, "Petronio's most overt way of cadging a response from his beleaguered audience is to mess around with sexual issues that he presumably hopes will be taboo to them."
Cadging away day after day, the unknown Hoagland would collect 800,000 during the term-serviceably intimidating for a district in frugal Nebraska.
His drugs problem was "extremely severe" and he had been cadging money from his grandmother.
The ship did capture a number of prizes, but not enough, and therefore it led a pillar-to-post, hand-to-mouth existence, always cadging stores and repairs, always plagued by dissension and insubordination among its oversized and undertrained crew, and threatened in every port by litigation, bad faith, and manipulation.