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cadet branch

The branch of a family that descends from a younger son, i.e., not the firstborn. The lucky firstborn son stands to inherit much more than the cadet branches of a family.
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space cadet

A person considered out of touch with reality. I tried having a serious conversation with her, but she's such a space cadet that I gave up after a few minutes of hearing her ramble on about my aura.
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space cadet

1. n. a person who is always silly or giddy. Here comes a space cadet who looks like he has more money than he needs.
2. n. a person who is always high on drugs. The space cadets can usually be found sitting on a bench outside the principal’s office.
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High Tide already runs a successful cadetship programme that gives participating students an understanding of the burgeoning global electronics supply chain.
Connor said: "My parents have given us brilliant support down the years and dad in particular with his background has been a very positive influence, instilling a passion and respect for the sea from a young age and giving us confidence in our own abilities and to apply for the cadetship."
"The Cadetship Programme is also part of the company's contribution to the employment and development of UAE nationals who already constitute more than 50 per cent of the company's onshore staff and 40 per cent of the offshore LNG officers while the number of those onboard other ships is increasing significantly in line with company's expanding fleet and growing status as one of the leading shipping companies in the region.
Eventually, we are told, she manages to obtain cadetships for two of her sons, as Mrs.
"A member of the PDF who refuses to provide a urine sample or who provides a urine sample which tests positive shall be liable to retirement, discharge or relinquishment of commission or withdrawal of cadetship as appropriate.
MARITIME bosses are planning to set up cadetship and training schemes with Mersey Ferries and the Laird Foundation.
Charles while serving a cadetship in India, worked with members of the Asiatic Society of Bengal including William Jones, on various projects which promoted an intellectual awareness of the east.
One thinks of the clergyman's younger son who acquired an East India Company's cadetship, and returned as a Nabob.
He was too poor to afford a university education, but managed to get a local politician to find him a free education by obtaining a West Point cadetship for him.
First he leaves the University of Virginia, after a single term: then his army post in Fort Moultrie, South Carolina; he has a truncated cadetship at West Point, after a self-contrived court-martial for "disobeying orders." In 1831 he becomes a member of Maria Clemm's Baltimore household.
Born at Butterley Hall (near Ripley), Derbyshire (January 29, 1803); secured a cadetship in the Indian Army (1819), and won renown when he subdued the wild Bhil robber tribesmen and raised a unit of Bhil light infantry (1825); served under Gen.
My mother persisted in my cadetship. 'Just try, dear, you have nothing to lose," she said.
"Because of the gravity of the offense which is in violation of the New PNPA Cadet Guide, the three erring cadets deserve no less than dismissal from the cadetship program," he noted.