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cadet branch

The branch of a family that descends from a younger son, i.e., not the firstborn. The lucky firstborn son stands to inherit much more than the cadet branches of a family.
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space cadet

A person considered out of touch with reality. I tried having a serious conversation with her, but she's such a space cadet that I gave up after a few minutes of hearing her ramble on about my aura.
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space cadet

1. n. a person who is always silly or giddy. Here comes a space cadet who looks like he has more money than he needs.
2. n. a person who is always high on drugs. The space cadets can usually be found sitting on a bench outside the principal’s office.
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Moving Captain Simon Protano said: "The ACF is extremely aware that mental health effects everyone, including our cadets, which over recent years has become more and more highlighted in the press.
Baguio Mayor Benjamin Magalong, one of the first beneficiaries of the program, said the PMA program contributes to cadets who are away from their own families while studying and training at the military school.
Seeing their name in print and on photo credits is just one benefit of being a Cadet Correspondent.
Cadet Anuar Esteban of Mexico City, Mexico, received the Elizabeth Ross Smythe Medal for demonstrating moral courage exemplified by cleanliness of speech and willingness to stand by his moral principles under all circumstances regardless of possible criticism or ridicule.
The cadets, who were not identified, were removed from the original 263 graduating cadets on Friday, May 24, two days before they would have been commissioned into junior officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, said Maj.
Formal ceremonies also took place, one of which was the promotion of the chief fire cadet - the honour going to Lara Cook from Widnes. and select the link for Volunteer Police Cadet Leader to fill out the form.
Family members and friends of the cadets from all over the country attended the ceremony and enjoyed different events presented by the cadets, says an official statement here Friday.
Another 146 cadets graduated from the School of Maritime Transport Studies with 59 coming out with ND while 87 passed out with HND.
The Gazette has dipped into the archives to find pictures of cadets in the region over the years.
Cadets from 1019 (City of Stirling) Squadron and other squadrons in South Scotland Wing Air Training Corps recently took part in a two -day Training Camp at MOD Caledonia.
The Commandants Medal for Best Gentleman Cadet in Weapon Training was awarded to Academy Cadet Adjutant Karthigayan S of Gurez Coy, while the Commandants Medal for Best Gentleman Cadet in Riding went to Junior Under Officer Vikas Kumar Yadav of Kalidhar Coy.
Chief of the Air Staff Trophy for best performance in Flying Training was clinched by Aviation Cadet Sergeant Mohid bin Shahbaz, while the coveted Sword of Honour for Overall Best Performance in College of Flying Training was awarded to Aviation Cadet Academy Under Officer Muhammad Ashad Amir.
Cadet Warrant Paolo David, the senior cadet at the squadron and the current Lord Mayor of Coventry's Air Cadet, was awarded a drill cane as the best drill instructor of the day.