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in the cactus

A difficult situation, often one that is uncomfortable and/or unsettling. Primarily heard in Australia. Oh boy, he's in the cactus now that his girlfriend has seen him kissing another girl!
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cactus (buttons)

n. peyote cactus containing mescaline. (Drugs.) Gert came back from vacation with a bag of cactus buttons.
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cactus juice

n. tequila. (A Mexican liquor.) Ernie brought back a big jug of cactus juice from Mexico.
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It might sound a simple set of criteria, but don't underestimate the amount of work Citroen has put into making the Cactus such a simple pleasure.
It will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in a fortnight's time and will be the second of the Cactus family.
They may be hardy icons of the desert, but cactus don't always have an easy time of it in the urbanizing Southwest.
Recovery of an endangered species is a complex process, and the star cactus will not be an exception.
He is chairman of the Northumbria branch of the British Cactus and Succulent Society - a club for cactus collectors.
We are excited by the results of these studies, as it will enhance our ability to market our cactus products, as well as increase the probability that we will be granted important patent protection," said Jinjiang Wang, President of China Kangtai Cactus.
To complicate recovery, cactus poaching is on the rise throughout the West.
Specialist cactus compost is available and is a purpose-made free-draining medium.
Park staff monitor two populations of the cactus and are working to establish an experimental population in Big Bend.
The cactus has developed complex strategies for surviving in the harshest of environments, while the internal combustion engine--largely unchanged since Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach patented it in 1885--is at best 30 percent efficient at turning fuel into locomotion.
Demand for wild cactus and succulent plants is growing rapidly.
Touch the potted cactus and, hey presto, the light comes on.
But people afflicted with cactophilia are nevertheless drawn to the plant, says Tony Mace, webmaster of the Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall.
Rosas Abad thinks he might have the right crop: the nopal, an edible cactus that traces its roots back to pre-Columbian times and to Milpa Alta, this quaint district of rural hamlets that is actually part of Mexico City.