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cactus buttons

slang The hallucinogenic drug mescaline, which is derived from peyote (a type of cactus). I think they're high on cactus buttons!
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in the cactus

A difficult situation, often one that is uncomfortable and/or unsettling. Primarily heard in Australia. Oh boy, he's in the cactus now that his girlfriend has seen him kissing another girl!
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cactus (buttons)

n. peyote cactus containing mescaline. (Drugs.) Gert came back from vacation with a bag of cactus buttons.
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cactus juice

n. tequila. (A Mexican liquor.) Ernie brought back a big jug of cactus juice from Mexico.
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The Birmingham society was formed in 1947 and Derek's own cacti collection goes back more than 60 years.
And even more unusual were cards showing cacti painted onto actual Yucca Cacti wood!
It is important to note that not all cacti will prefer the same type or amount of fertilisers!
Saguaro cacti can grow to be over 40-feet tall and weigh more than one ton.
GIVE THEM SUNSHINE While cacti are relatively lowmaintenance, there are a few handy pointers you should know about.
The best thing about cacti is that the more you neglect them the better they do.
[1.] Le Houerou HN The role of Cacti (Opuntiaspp.) in erosion control, land reclamation, rehabilitation and agricultural development in the Mediterranean Basin.
Harvesting of plants for food and medicine, as well as land development, are additional reasons why cacti are one of the most threatened group of organisms in the world, according to IUCN, which keeps the Red List of endangered species.
Analyses of fruit extracts from prickly pear cacti have revealed several antioxidants, including polyphenols, flavonoids, carotenoids, and vitamin C.
A number of rare cacti occur in the SW United States and northern Mexico.
For the past two months, groups of cacti in the Hula Valley have been found covered by a deadly white parasite.
Edible cacti are popular in Mexico and Central America.
Factorizations of [[gamma].sub.n] can be represented as r-cacti (short cacti), i.e 2-cell decompositions of an oriented surface of arbitrary genus into a finite number of vertices (0-cells), edges (1- cells) and faces (2-cells) homeomorphic to open discs, with n black and one white face such that all the black faces are r-gons and not adjacent to each other.
Cacti and succulents for cold climates; 274 outstanding species for challenging conditions.