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autem cackletub

obsolete Any general meeting place of dissenters of a given denomination of the (Christian) church; a conventicle. "Autem" is an obsolete slang word for church, and "cackletub" (a slang term for the pulpit of a church) here refers to a place where those who spill secrets ("cackle") gather. I entered into the autem cackletub with trepidation, for who knows what sort one may find in a place of unruly dissent.
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cackling geese

Those who warn of something that is about to happen. Thank goodness for the cackling geese outside who ran in and told us to lock down the building because there was a man with a gun roaming the streets. My wife is skeptical of them, but I always tune in to those cackling geese giving the weather report—I don't want to get caught in a blizzard!
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cut the cackle

To stop talking in order to do something more important. Primarily heard in UK. All right, everyone, let's cut the cackle and start brainstorming ideas for this new project.
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He that would have eggs must endure the cackling of hens.

Prov. You must be willing to endure unpleasant, irritating things in order to get what you want. Sue: I'm tired of working after school. All the customers at the store are so rude. Mother: But you wanted money to buy a car. He that would have eggs must endure the cackling of hens, dear.
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cut the cackle

If you tell someone to cut the cackle, you are telling them to stop talking nonsense. They were basically told to cut the cackle and get back to work.
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cut the cackle

stop talking aimlessly and come to the point. informal
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cut the ˈcackle

(informal) stop talking and start working, etc. properly; start talking about the important matters: Let’s cut the cackle and get down to business.
Cackle refers to the loud noise made by chickens.
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When you enter the grounds of Pleasureland, you'll find the pathways and gardens loaded with pumpkins, and along the way you'll bump into bats, spooky scarecrows, cackling witches and other ghostly characters.
The cackler limit is really the issue right now," said Dennis Shelton of Corvallis, who also checked in a pair of cackling geese Sunday.
This reportage comes complete with plenty of surreal montages of Jan dispensing toys to Haitian children picture a pink-wigged Dollywood animatronic figure in platform boots cackling, "It's from Jesus
She placed a wild / iris / on the ear of Ginger who had returned // to you, the magpies cackling, / not yet / plunging for her eyes.
He's pretty good at varying the speech of the large cast of characters with different voice levels and accents, although the screeching voice of the town's mayor (and her cackling laugh) is a bit over the top.
The town's third annual Wizard of Oz Festival is expected to draw more than 3,000 fans for a fun-filled day October 9, a wicked witch cackling contest, Oz character look-alike contests, a screening of the original 1939 movie in Lucedale Municipal Park, and more.
At the heart of the movie is Dreyfuss's scratching, cackling, career-making performance.
Neighbour Andrea Edwards told the jury last week she had moved her car rather than ask Evans to move, saying: 'She gives a lot of verbal abuse and walks off cackling and laughing.
Once accorded a market cap of $8 billion, the online toy retailer went down in flames last March, filing for bankruptcy after losing hundreds of millions of dollars and leaving behind innumerable unhappy shareholders -- plus lots of schadenfreude buffs cackling at anyone dumb enough to invest that much money in an online toy retailer.
Masters of the Sound" CD or cassette is an instructional recording that includes digitally mastered sounds of hens yelping, cutting, cackling, purring, clucking, and whistling.
Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst must be cackling from their graves.
A 15-year-old male whose voice has already deepened and who has a full beard may develop bigger and stronger muscles than a 17-year-old with peach fuzz on his face and a cackling voice.
The later portraits range from more contemporary and down-home if defiant images of the artist at work, through the Titianesque "Prince of Painters" (94) depicted in the monumental 1658 self-portrait in New York, to the cackling old jokester who laughs at the craquelure of his mortality in the "poignant and ironic" canvas in Cologne (101-04).
Fun-loving Margaret Phillip, 92, was left in tears when management ordered her to to stop cackling, saying she was upsetting her neighbours.