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autem cackletub

obsolete Any general meeting place of dissenters of a given denomination of the (Christian) church; a conventicle. "Autem" is an obsolete slang word for church, and "cackletub" (a slang term for the pulpit of a church) here refers to a gather place of those who spill secrets ("cackle"). I entered into the autem cackletub with trepidation, for who knows what sort one may find in a place of unruly dissent.
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cackling geese

Those who warn of something that is about to happen. Thank goodness for the cackling geese outside who ran in and told us to lock down the building because there was a man with a gun roaming the streets. My wife is skeptical of them, but I always tune in to those cackling geese giving the weather report—I don't want to get caught in a blizzard!
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cut the cackle

To stop talking in order to do something more important. Primarily heard in UK. All right, everyone, let's cut the cackle and start brainstorming ideas for this new project.
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he that would have eggs must endure the cackling of hens

If you want something desirable or appealing, you must endure the annoying or unpleasant things that accompany it. A: "I really want to start my own business, but I'm overwhelmed by all the small steps along the way." B: "Well, he that would have eggs must endure the cackling of hens."
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He that would have eggs must endure the cackling of hens.

Prov. You must be willing to endure unpleasant, irritating things in order to get what you want. Sue: I'm tired of working after school. All the customers at the store are so rude. Mother: But you wanted money to buy a car. He that would have eggs must endure the cackling of hens, dear.
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cut the cackle

If you tell someone to cut the cackle, you are telling them to stop talking nonsense. They were basically told to cut the cackle and get back to work.
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cut the cackle

stop talking aimlessly and come to the point. informal
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cut the ˈcackle

(informal) stop talking and start working, etc. properly; start talking about the important matters: Let’s cut the cackle and get down to business.
Cackle refers to the loud noise made by chickens.
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"We wouldn't have an evil house here," declares Miss Cackle, welcoming her trainees.
The all-women cast is strong, with standout performances from Rosie Abraham as the snobby, vindictive Ethel, and Polly Lister, who gamely 'Gollums' her way through the roles of both Miss Cackle and her evil twin, Agatha.
But it was Polly Lister as both Miss Cackle and Agatha that truly stole the show.
But it was Polly Lister as both Miss Cackle and Agatha that truly stole the show.Fun and fantasical from start to finish.
In the second act matters take a sinister turn when Miss Cackle's evil twin sister, Agatha, shows up, intent on taking over the school - and the world - at any cost.
"Imagine how proud I feel, all these years later, seeing my own Mildred Hubble on stage with all the characters from Miss Cackle's Academy."
THE witch and her evil cackle Her black cat with its raising hackles Satan and his diseased wings Satan he who thinks he's king The trickster is the evil prince The demon and his scary jinx The curse of the witch doctor And his dark black magic shocker Ghouls wandering on unsettled land Steven King and his writing hand The banshee and her shrieking scream Nightmare on Elm Street Hounds of hell in Baskerville Darkened streets, eyes on hills Vampires in Transylvania Halloween and zombie mania Apocalypse and darkened places Ghosts with their see-through faces Haunted houses, Frankenstein The split personality of Jekyll and Hyde Insidious, the devil's cove, Amityville horror Woman in black exodus and mama Just a glimpse of Halloween And all creatures that may seen On the night of hallows eve.
Without any warning he suddenly flourished a large mirror at the back of my head and let out a cackle while pointing at the offending hairless patch.
She made another slip-up when she sang the wrong section, letting off her trademark throaty cackle in the middle of the solemn hit as well as a strong expletive.
Discover the real (and revolting) life of a pirate, from recruitment (don't call us, we'll kidnap you!), to grub (cackle fruit = eggs), to parts of the ship (the poop deck is not a toilet).
Mr Bowman's last comment about "snap & cackle", just about sums up the current programme.
Cackle with delight when you feast your eyes on boa constrictors, tarantulas, lizards and other creatures, then stop by the face painting where your youngster can get themselves a gruesome gash or scary scar.
I guess she figures any friends--even if they don't cackle, crow or sport feathers are better than no friends at all.
WOLVERHAMPTON: 5.00 Sunrise Dance, 5.30 Whipphound, 6.00 Glennten, 6.30 Green Special, 7.00 Waving, 7.30 BOOM TO BUST (NAP), 8.00 Lignum Vitae, 8.30 Cut The Cackle.
IT WAS a notable night for Katie Margarson, daughter of Newmarket trainer George, as shegotoffthemarkonher27th ride when partnering Cut The Cackle to win the 6f amateur riders'handicap.