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This is the sort of cack this 'Labour' government comes up with before they sell something off.
She said of X Factor winner Shayne Ward: "You'd think they could have come up with a half-decent song - they give him cack to sing.
Many's the musical atrocity has been committed by him - apart from Scorn Not his Simplicity, his one true work of genius, not that sentimental Derry in the Troubles cack.
The show was cack, and 2: The Madeleys betrayed a lot of people when they dumped on Granada at a very public press conference at which their bosses - those people who made them spectacularly rich - found out about their new job at the same time the Press did.
The lad was just, cack handedly, trying to bond with his mates to turn them into a better fighting force.
Hurry up folks, get on down to the video shop this Friday night and rent a blockbuster so you've got an entertaining alternative to watching the unadulterated cack that will inevitably be the second series of The Games.
The Beeb picked an awful cover version of a Tom Waits classic, while End to End had the cack theme from the latest Star Trek, which even Celine Dion would reject as too cheesy.
The talking heads, discussing why no one wants to watch the absolute cack on the box on Saturday nights anymore, was a line-up that more resembled the Night Of The Living Dead rather than what was once the cream of light entertainment.
I do sympathise, as he must get through loads with his constant verbal cack.
On C4, various pseuds struggled to give meaning to his cack.