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Daniels arrived back from a show in Switzerland at the same time as England's dunces delivered a final insult on their homecoming by sneaking out of the airport by the back door.
In exchanges following his statement, Mr Straw was challenged on speculation that the Government might seek to introduce some elements of the constitution 'by the back door'.
In his final speech of the campaign, Mr Blair told supporters in Scarborough that registering a protest vote or failing to turn out at the polls risked letting the Tories in by the back door.
Vivien Pulley said: "My grown-up daughter Rachel saw the snake slithering down the steps by the back door.
I FOR one wasn't surprised to read that cowardly Nick Clegg sneaked in by the back door instead of facing those outside the Lib Dem Scottish party conference in Perth protesting the cuts imposed by his Tory puppet-masters.
The 150,000-strong ATL teachers' union said: "This is reintroducing the 11-plus by the back door. It will lead to selection by social class."