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the holder will acknowledge receipt by return mail. the time of execution of lot 1 "port building" includes a preparation period of up to 8 calendar days and a deadline for completion of work of up to 30 calendar days.
“Just send us a self-addressed, stamped ($.70), #10 envelope, and we'll send your seeds by return mail and include an extra packet for your efforts!”
That offers the recipient a chance to save 44 cents, but only if he or she sends something by return mail. The mailers are clever enough not to use 44-cent stamps for this purpose, which might get overlooked, but an assortment of lower-denomination stamps that add up to that total, bound to get your attention.
Tickets will be sent by return mail. You do not need to be present to win.
You will then receive by return mail your certificate and a letter verifying your donation for tax purposes.
My last letter arrived too late, and came back to me by return mail yesterday.
By return mail, conference registration information will be provided, describing the conference hotel accommodations, room charges, and the substantive and social programs.
The copy highlighted, "The November issue is at the printer right now." And they were able to fulfill orders by return mail.
Sigourney said: 'When we were sent a re-write we had to take the original pages out of our script, then put them in the accompanying FedEx envelope and send them back by return mail.'
`Get your degrees by return mail'," he read in measured tones.
Publisher William Randolph Hearst sent her the items by return mail and her luck never changed.''
They believed that she could send them a package by return mail. It appears that the lack of proper clothing meant not only that the young people could not protect their bodies from the elements, but that it degraded them socially and prevented them from participating in important events surrounding high school graduation.
Every time you mail back one of the pictures, you'll get the next movie on your list by return mail, the entire procedure usually taking three or four days.
My CPA ElderCare clients not only send checks for my services by return mail, they also send notes, make telephone calls or dash off e-mails to say, "Thank you for being there for me."
We suggest that if you wish to avoid paying the extra amount, you forward a cheque or your credit card details to the club as soon as you receive your membership statement by return mail.