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Newton's third law, the universal buzzkill, means that for every up, there's a down.
The new weapons fit brilliantly into the high-action, no-damn-given approach to gameplay, none more so than the Buzzkill - a weapon that literally fires circular sawblades at targets.
But - sorry to be a buzzkill - the energy (http://www.
As well as the Overkill, other new weapons include the Dropshot, that fires explosive drills, and the Buzzkill, that fires ricocheting sawblades.
Community engagement professionals and practitioner-scholars steeped in SLCE often end up taking on the role of the buzzkill.
On a CAVU summer day, with 12 gallons in the tank of a J-3 Cub, it seems a bit of a buzzkill to call FSS for a briefing just to fly to a local pancake breakfast at a private strip 20 minutes away.
I don't want to be a buzzkill, but it's hard to imagine these supposedly superior beings building such a structure in that haphazard manner.
Coming after "Gloria" and his 2014 Obie-winning "An Octoroon"--both brimming with ideas--playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins' new work, "War," is a bit of a buzzkill.
The compound acts as a buzzkill for males; as females produce more, males make fewer attempts to mate.
It's a huge buzzkill, especially from a virtuoso like AmenEibar, who long ago proved his philosophical and technical capacities with "The Others," a film that organically merged the themes of loss and mourning into a meaningful and emotional journey with the use of the supernatural.
Motorists rejoicing over decisions to discontinue unpopular red-light camera programs don't have to drive too far for a buzzkill.
EVERY buzzkill boffins (that's the scientists who dedicate their lives to telling us that all the food we love dearly is bad for us) actually deliver some good news.
The new version also includes other urban slangs like of buzzkill, sudoku and mixtape, which will be on sale from next Monday, the Daily Express reported.
This is sometimes appreciated and sometimes can seem to be nitpicking in a culture less attenuated to accurate citing and sourcing, a BuzzFeed buzzkill.
Now, a new bit of news is likely to fuel enviros' buzzkill image.