What's buzzin'?

 and What's buzzin' cousin?
Sl. What's happening? Hey, chum! What's buzzin' cousin? What's buzzin' around here?

What’s buzzin’ (cousin)?

interrog. What’s happening? Hey, chum! What’s buzzin’ cousin?

What’s buzzin’ ?

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It follows the charity's existing Buzzin project, which helps people recovering from well-being issues to rebuild their confidence, and medical research that shows that working with nature can be the perfect break from time spent in hospital.
Each new-look label reflects the personality of its ales and favourites such as Hops n Honey Buzzin Honeyed Ale (PS21.
The movie shown on 21 January 1945 was What's Buzzin Cousin, starring Ann Miller and Jack Okie; and on 23 January 1945, the movie Commando Raid at Dawn, with Paul Muni, was shown.
50 (435m): Highview Level, Glengiblin Beam, Glengiblin Mccoy, Crooks Storm, Buzzin Jim (W), Lookingfor Glory (W).
35 (435m): Bieber Fever, Rocky Rua, Mill Madison, Butterbridge Bob (M), Buzzin Jim (W), Louise's Choice (W).
That equaliser prompted That equaliser prompted another frenzied celebrat ion in another frenzied celebrat ion in a city that has been buzzin g since city that has been buzzin g since Poland beat the best team - thePoland beat the best team - theplanet last Saturday - their planet last Saturday - their first-ever win over Germany.
Social landlord Tristar Homes, part of the Thirteen housing group, has given the PS20,000 grant from its Buzzin Fund.
were buzzin were all else got as there The pitch of Albion's passing and movement wasn't synchronised for most of the opening hour.
Mann rose to fame after the success of his single Buzzin featuring 50 Cent which peaked in the top five of the UK charts.
The workhorse of strategic decisions is the buzzin decision, which is required for every non-Daily Double clue on the board.
We got exclusivity to labels like Defected, Buzzin Fly, Global Underground, Azuli, Clubstar, Houseworks, Seamless, Bargrooves, Subliminal, Pacha and many more.
horns / buzzin the sweet molasses of an upright bass / righteous anchor
Festival Dogs5-2 Toms View, 5 Droopys Colgan, 7 Dalcash Sweettea, Fantasy Tiger, Two Cool Cats, 8 Raging Jack, 10 Bat On, 12 Delwood Burrow, 20 Corleones Rammi, 25 Corleones Flash, Discreet Cat, Jethart Silver, Westmead Max, 40 Roys Presence, 50 Blacks Noble, Kilpipe Whisper, Weeton Weapon, 66 Rocket ManFestival Sprint: 52 Devon Flame, 4 Lambstown Blue, 6 Commanche Black, 10 Buzzin Daisy, Ronnies Hare, 12 Maltese Yaz, Melyn Dazzl er, 16 Mineola Ali, 20 Shapeshifta, Shelbourne Ice, Starry Boy, Velvet Shearer, 25 Boher Chief, Dro-mana Mentor, Mardocs Ronaldo, 40 Magpie Elliot, Townbrow Robben, 66 Packa Skips.
For example, one BuzzIn shows a geometric shape and a formula for perimeter, area, volume, etc.
In competition mode, a small group of students completes three rounds of activities, each consisting of one Time Trial and one BuZzin, and a TriMathlon, consisting of the three previous Time Trials linked together in 30-second sessions.