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moll buzzer

A thief, often a pickpocket, who targets women. My mother had her purse stolen by a moll buzzer today!
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at the buzzer

1. In sports or similar competitions, literally immediately before a buzzer sounds to signal the end of a period, quarter, game, etc. Typically said of a score that occurs at this moment. It's so disappointing that the other team beat us by scoring a goal right at the buzzer. Whew, I said the right answer right at the buzzer.
2. By extension, at the last possible moment. Today's issue went to print right at the buzzer. Any more time and it would have been late.
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at the ˈbuzzer

(American English) at the end of a game or period of play: He missed a three-point attempt at the buzzer.The Eagles won at the buzzer 66-64.
A buzzer is an electrical device that makes a sound as a signal, for example to show that no time is left in a game.
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It is possible that Seal, a singer himself, will reward Okwuchi with the golden buzzer on Tuesday night.
In this week's testing conditions anglers have needed a variety of flies to match the weather's extremes, from PTNs to Blobs, Daddies to Bloodworms, Cats' Whiskers to Buzzers and even a Mayfly.
In calm conditions it's a good idea to fish a team of static buzzers.
Unfortunately, none of them gave the young talent a golden buzzer at that time.
J Reeder from Wallsend caught 17 on Buzzers and Mayfly.
Dean Morgan took his top pond limit when he used a black buzzer near the railings.
Brian Davis of Dudley released 17 on Buzzers and Bloodworms, including a beautiful 15lb rainbow.
An Olive Buzzer accounted for a brown of 7lb 6oz for Billy Wilson, fishing from the top block on the Moorside Bank.
The sound emitted by the buzzer can be either continuous or intermittent.
A GREAT START to Grafham Water's new season saw plenty of over- wintered fish showing to the floating line and buzzer approach.
Some of the biggest fish in the loch go on the feed during the first buzzer rises of the season.
America's Got Talent" Season 12 guest judge will give her golden buzzer to one deserving contestant.