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between hawk and buzzard

Caught between two extremes or two factions. The settlers on the border of the two warring states found themselves caught between hawk and buzzard.
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n. an old man; a mean old man. (Especially with old.) Some old buzzard is at the door asking for Mary Wilson.

buzzard meat

n. someone or something that is dead or outdated. If you don’t watch out, you’re going to become buzzard meat!
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ANORTHUMBERLAND gamekeeper has won a High Court battle after being told he could not shoot buzzards that were killing his pheasants.
The buzzard which was discovered with suspected gunshot wounds in Northumberland and later died
Natural England said the recovery of the buzzard population was a "fantastic conservation success story", but in certain isolated cases they could cause problems.
But Neil says buzzards are a conservation success story because less than 20 years ago there were worries about local populations.
In recent years, poison baits have been responsible for the deaths of numerous buzzards, peregrines, red kites, and golden and white-tailed eagles.
bar] CUP RUN: The Huddersfield Academy side who made it through to the last 16 of the National Under 19 Cup are pictured before being beaten away from home by Leighton Buzzard, whose pack proved dominant through the tie (s)
Offshore yard Heerema has secured a contract to build a 5,900-tonne deck and 500-tonne bridge for a platform working in the Nexen Buzzard oilfield off Scotland.
Locals fear yobs in the area may have been trying to take the young buzzards for illegal hunting.
Newcomers include buzzards, the Bee Orchid flower, and the Emperor dragonfly.
During her four years at South Eugene, Buzzard has participated in a number of student organizations, including the Asian Student Union and the Music Society.
The recently announced DTI development consent for the Buzzard Field Development Plan offers an ideal opportunity to realise value for Intrepid's shareholders, though the US$600 million 6 year corporate
Then, Lord, came that stormy night when from the pouring rain and out of the hot glare of a flash of lightning onto the Hemphill's front porch stepped the black-clad "Bertha the Buzzard.
After three years of research, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle named Grey-faced Buzzard has successfully taken off in Pingtung embankment, Taiwan, marking a new milestone of national fuel cell and lithium ion hybrid powered system.
Put simply, Natural England has raised the bar for buzzard licence applicants because of perceived public opposition to the killing of raptors,"' said his QC, James Maurici.
AN official decision to allow the destruction of four buzzard nests in Northumberland has been condemned by wildlife experts.