buzz for

buzz for (one)

To use a device that makes a buzzing sound (such as a doorbell or intercom) to try to get one's attention. When you get to my apartment building, just buzz for me, and I'll let you in. Buzz for the receptionist and ask her what's taking so long.
See also: buzz

buzz for someone

to sound a signal for someone. Please buzz for the bell captain. I buzzed for my secretary and waited for a reply.
See also: buzz
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lt;p>Just because you don't have the Buzz tab added to your Gmail account yet doesn't mean you can't take Buzz for a spin with your smartphone.
You know it's a different ballgame when sending a rubber duck to the "Live With Regis and Kelly" show creates more brand buzz for insurance company AFLAC than a press conference
If you understand the principles, you can help orchestrate buzz for your business.
lt;p>During Tuesday's event, Google also said that it would be rolling out a version of Buzz for corporate users, though it would not be included immediately.
That catalytic moment spurred major brand buzz for a business-to-business manufacturer and supported the dramatic rise in the company's sales.