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buy something (from someone) (for something)

to purchase something from someone at a particular price, or for a particular type of payment, such as for cash, for practically nothing, etc. I bought the car from Mark for a reasonable price. I bought it for a reasonable price from Mark.

buy something

Fig. to believe something someone says; to accept something to be a fact. It may be true, but I don't buy it. I just don't buy the idea that you can swim that far.


1. n. a purchase. Man, this is a great buy.
2. tv. to believe something. It sounds good to me, but will your wife buy it?
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We buy and sell more frequently than we do in the club.
Their best stock was the initial buy of Healtheon, with 869 shares purchased at $57 and sold at $67 for a profit of $8,590 including commission.
Best Web Buys was founded in 1997 and is located at 2400 Lincoln Avenue, Altadena, California, 91001 and can be reached at 626-296-6260.
Editors Note: Best Book Buys, Best Bike Buys, Best Music Buys, Best Video Buys, Best Electronic Buys and Best Web Buys are trademarks or registered trademarks of Best Web Buys.
We have been an affiliate store with Best Bike Buys since shortly after our online debut three years ago," said Mark Gregoire, president of Bike Parts USA, located in Margate, Florida.
The Best Bike Buys search lists stores that carry the item as well as the price.
In the February cover story, PC World reports about Best Book Buys, "Whether you're looking for `Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' or `Zen and the Art of Stand-Up Comedy,' this site will scour online bookstores to help you find the best price for new and used titles.
Unlike other online comparison shopping sites, Best Book Buys calculates a shopper's total costs including shipping and applicable taxes before placing an order.
As a company we are extremely proud to be marking our five year anniversary and rank as our highest achievement that we are accomplishing our mission of helping consumers save time and money with their online shopping," said Steve Loyola, founder and president of Best Web Buys.
com), a leading online book-shopping comparison site for college students and a service of Best Web Buys, today announced that the site has been recognized as a top "Textbooks Site" in SmartMoney Magazine's 2000 Internet Guide.
com), a leading online book shopping comparison site for college students and a service of Best Web Buys, today announced the addition of AllBooks4less.
The software download titles are accessible from the buy.
Upon completion of this financing, SOFTBANK will hold approximately 31 percent of common stock of BUY.
In this position, Herr is responsible for advertising sales across the BUY.