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slang To believe or accept something as true or feasible without question or investigation. I can't believe the boss bought my excuse for missing work yesterday. A: "I keep telling you, the cats knocked over your vase!" B: "Yeah, I'm not buying it."
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buy something (from someone) (for something)

to purchase something from someone at a particular price, or for a particular type of payment, such as for cash, for practically nothing, etc. I bought the car from Mark for a reasonable price. I bought it for a reasonable price from Mark.

buy something

Fig. to believe something someone says; to accept something to be a fact. It may be true, but I don't buy it. I just don't buy the idea that you can swim that far.
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see under buy.
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1. n. a purchase. Man, this is a great buy.
2. tv. to believe something. It sounds good to me, but will your wife buy it?
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By buying an equity mutual fund, you automatically gain exposure to the fund's diversified portfolio.
Compulsive buying, as defined by a high score on a tally of the cardinal signs, occurred in 6 percent of women and 5.5 percent of men, regardless of racial or ethnic background, Koran's group says.
He compares buying used balers to buying a used car: "You have to be knowledgeable about what you are buying," he says.
* Shrink your health-insurance premiums by buying high-deductible catastrophic coverage.
If the selling shareholders receive stock in the buying corporation in consideration of their business' sale, then the selling shareholders may be able to avoid recognizing gain under the tax-free reorganization rules of Sec.
Industry experts liken the purchase of a business aircraft to buying other large assets.
"There's a completely erroneous assumption that buyouts result in permanent protection of the resources," he says, "and it's just not so." Conditions that are placed on purchases can be easy to change, and many of the organizations that are buying land are small and not particularly stable.
And to ratchet up the possible rewards of buying the work of living artists (the wisdom quickly developed), better to buy the work of younger, lesser-known, or even unknown artists.
There are many opportunities to support local communities and eat fresh healthy food across the region by buying local.
* They buy convenience in buying, paying, and lots more.
While I certainly went through the modern version of the "agonies of the damned" buying a Japanese internal-combustion engine advertised through nostalgia and wrapped in red plastic, I never once was duped, misled, waylaid, or reified.
government policy requires that some international customers only use the FMS system for buying selected weapon systems as well as the follow-on logistics support.