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buy something (from someone) (for something)

to purchase something from someone at a particular price, or for a particular type of payment, such as for cash, for practically nothing, etc. I bought the car from Mark for a reasonable price. I bought it for a reasonable price from Mark.

buy something

Fig. to believe something someone says; to accept something to be a fact. It may be true, but I don't buy it. I just don't buy the idea that you can swim that far.


1. n. a purchase. Man, this is a great buy.
2. tv. to believe something. It sounds good to me, but will your wife buy it?
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Yearling sorts were easier, particularly steers and many looked buyable to advantage.
Air Waves OnDemand is an application now available on the Shopify app store that will allow its users to take their designs and transform them into buyable, wearable products.
Pinterest now offers blue Buyable Pins to brands on its site, and Instagram plans to add a Shop Now button on its site.
Ralph Beckett, trainer "The horses were buyable and the market lacked strength in depth.
Yesterday's [drop] was buyable," said Redler, "and the market should make new highs this year.
They're a very buyable network for a lot of types of advertising clients," Magel says.
That's a relative judgment, but it did seem to have just the right balance of sexuality, creeps, disgusting invention and buyable cultural criticism.
Prices have fallen, in some instances quite considerably, and many items which many people may have thought beyond them have now become buyable.
We have got some players who are buyable but in my mind Nobby [Solano] isn't one of those players who is for sale.
According to Modena, the proliferation of accessories is "critical to the longevity;" of the bread machine and necessary to "legitimize the category and make it more buyable.
The second--Curalate's FanReel product--captures user-generated images, allowing marketers to match them to items in a brand's catalog, and turn fan photos into ads featuring clickable, buyable products.
But for those who have cash laying around, the game makes a offers "the ability to achieve any buyable items.