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slang To believe or accept something as true or feasible without question or investigation. I can't believe the boss bought my excuse for missing work yesterday. A: "I keep telling you, the cats knocked over your vase!" B: "Yeah, I'm not buying it."
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buy something (from someone) (for something)

to purchase something from someone at a particular price, or for a particular type of payment, such as for cash, for practically nothing, etc. I bought the car from Mark for a reasonable price. I bought it for a reasonable price from Mark.

buy something

Fig. to believe something someone says; to accept something to be a fact. It may be true, but I don't buy it. I just don't buy the idea that you can swim that far.
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see under buy.
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1. n. a purchase. Man, this is a great buy.
2. tv. to believe something. It sounds good to me, but will your wife buy it?
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Just as art objects became commodified in turn-of-the-century consumer culture, so too do these female aesthetes become exchangeable or buyable commodities.
Nor are they overwhelmed by the long hair, "White" features argument, saying among other things, that in the age of the great weave, long hair is a buyable option and that the Sister-image of soft features, luscious lips, and braided hair is the hottest thing going on the fashion scene.
The widely held misconception in the West -- perpetrated by the sex-tourist industry -- that all Thai women are potentially buyable and beddable has added further sensitivity to academic analysis of female sexual practice and desire, particularly when conducted by outside/Western observers.
"Many of the other things an agency provides -- media planning, research, account services -- are buyable. But the magic of a great idea is not something you can just go out and buy."
"Now, because of Argenta CDC, it is becoming a buyable neighborhood once again," Buckner said.
"They told us to buy absolutely everything that was possibly buyable in the education world," says another former staffer, who requested anonymity, noting that some former associates have been threatened with lawsuits for talking to outsiders.
Our merchandise is available, touchable and buyable to our customer."
Of the eight banks in Hawaii, five are considered buyable, and of the six thrifts, only two could realistically be purchased.
The consortium, in a bold leap designed to counter the power of the mall, had simply extended the boundaries of the buyable. Nor was the idea of imitation or replication in the slightest degree alien in this world of synthetic materials and expensive reproductions of old-fashioned toys, famous paintings, and period furniture.
Celgene shares "become buyable" in the low $200s, where the company could attract potential suitors, says Skorney.
'Create content that is buyable. All you need is good content and it will sell by itself,' he said.
The FundMyHome initiative is where first-time house buyers pay 20 per cent of the purchase price, while institutional investors such as banks pay the remaining 80 per cent of the purchase price for a share of future profits if the property value goes up and with their 80 per cent share buyable after five years by the buyer.
Merchants can also post "buyable pins" on the site, taking out the middleman between users and products.
Yearling sorts were easier, particularly steers and many looked buyable to advantage.