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Or as comedian David Schneider tweeted: "If this Government thinks they can buy us off with a penny off beer then I'll have a pint of bitter, please.
The SPL were looking to buy us off for pounds 1m so that's a good starting point.
Few Welsh people will be surprised of course, as it was the Tories under Margaret Thatcher who after promising in their manifesto to back the channel then did a U-turn and tried to buy us off with a few more Welsh programmes on BBC Wales
Turnbow disputes that assertion, saying PeaceHealth "tried to buy us off cheaply.
They can't throw a donation our way and assume that's going to buy us off .
People around the Catholic Worker house said, "He's just trying to buy us off.
Then we started forming a union so now they're trying to buy us off.
We would flatly oppose any attempt to buy us off - we are investing in the future with our new stadium and we are ambitious to play in the Premiership.
Furious Tartan Army fans last night blasted a message to FIFA: You can't buy us off with peanuts.