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We're taking a real hard look at the systems that are out there and the things we can buy off the shelf,'' McElwain said.
Money won't cure it either - you can't buy off superbugs.
And North Korea is another place we seem able neither to buy off nor intimidate.
One SigAlert on the freeway, one idiot cutting you off the road, one cretin in your face or one night at the movies with the couple behind you yapping away, and you can almost buy off on those temporary-insanity pleas that are so popular with mass murderers these days.
And they dismissed the offer of a pounds 49million lifeline for the Birmingham business as a possible attempt to buy off a future official inquiry.
When asked what real witches wear, Lady Brenda Matarazzo, high priestess of the Grove of the Green Cobra, Temple of Wicca (it's the Anglo-Saxon word for witch) and Druidism in Riverside County, laughed and said today's witches buy off the rack.
This class limits performance modifications to the vehicle making it more representative of what you can buy off the showroom floor.
Aslef president Dave Tyson denied an attempt to buy off Mr Brady - who is fighting his dismissal.
These aren't boots that you just buy off the shelves.
A Greek court convicted Thomas Rogers, 25, of Alloway, Ayr, of carrying out a sex attack on the woman, but allowed him to buy off the rest of his sentence.
A couple of observations from the inappropriate-casting department: Why is the only African-American in the movie a guy who doesn't pay his bills and lies to his wife, and the only Texan a loudmouth aquarium owner who tries to buy off Dr.
So Leicester will have to buy off Collymore, whose bust-up with young team-mate Trevor Benjamin during a reserve game last week was the final straw for fed-up Taylor.
POP stars last night led the fight against a pounds 143million package designed to buy off a Labour rebellion on student charges.
Education Secretary David Blunkett failed to buy off the rebellion with a pounds 143million package to help mature students, the disabled and people from poor families.