buy back

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buy (something) back (from someone)

To repurchase something that one has sold. For the right price, I'm sure you'll be able to buy back your old house. Once the dealer realized how valuable that painting actually was, he wanted to buy it back from me.
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buy something back (from someone)

to repurchase something that one has previously sold from the person who bought it. Can I buy it back from you? I have decided I need it. He bought back his book from George.
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Telia Company will buy back shares for a maximum amount of SEK5bn during the period.
HSH is offering to buy back up to half of its EUR750m, callable, fixed and floating-rate notes, maturing in February 2017, and its EUR1bn, callable, step-up floating-rate note, also maturing in February 2017.
Banks will not be required to replace such Tier-one bonds that they buy back, the Bank of Italy said, adding that decisions to buy back hybrid bonds could create liquidity risks for banks and could also expose them to possible reputation and legal risks.
Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc said that it would buy back USD21.4m of auction-rate securities from Colorado investors as part of a settlement with the Colorado Division of Securities.
Credit Suisse analyst Howard Chen said that excess capital at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley as a result of the Federal bank bailout would lead to higher rates of return on equity, which could lead to a stock buy back.
In a regulatory filing, the bank reportedly said that it will offer to buy back notes issued by Metrix Funding Number-One PLC and Metrix Securities PLC.
Danske Bank A/S will buy back shares on behalf of Bavarian Nordic and make decisions on trading with Bavarian Nordic A/S' shares independently and without influence of Bavarian Nordic A/S.
Pandora A/S (CPH:PNDORA) reported on Monday that under its share buy back programme it has accumulated 1,085,702 shares, for a transaction value of DKK783,359,211.
This share buy-back programme is initiated within the authorisation granted to the board of directors at the Annual General Meeting of the company on 27 April 2016, which will enable the company to buy back shares for up to 10%, recognising that the company's total holding of treasury shares following the acquisition cannot exceed 10% of the share capital.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 25, 2017-RTX reports on share buy back programme
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-April 29, 2015-TeliaSonera's board decides to buy back shares approved in AGM 2015
Earlier, the company had said that it would buy back the shares at Rs32 per share, according to a company notice sent to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) on Monday.
In January, the company had announced that it will buy back shares for an amount aggregating up to Rs 8,260 crore (maximum buyback size) at a price not exceeding Rs 800 per equity share.
The government organized a buy-back campaign and has so far paid 22.4 million New Zealand dollars (USD 14.43 million) to buy back weapons.
The internet registry flagged its intention to buy back shares when it published an upbeat trading statement last week.