buy back

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buy (something) back (from someone)

To repurchase something that one has sold. For the right price, I'm sure you'll be able to buy back your old house. Once the dealer realized how valuable that painting actually was, he wanted to buy it back from me.
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buy something back (from someone)

to repurchase something that one has previously sold from the person who bought it. Can I buy it back from you? I have decided I need it. He bought back his book from George.
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Buy Back Pros was created to provide the easiest, most rewarding possible answer to this common dilemma.
In March, the suburban Vancouver, British Columbia-based Catalyst said it would buy back the $20 million in floating notes, using the part of the proceeds from the sale of the company's interest in Powell River Energy Inc.
This section discusses the review of the studies that have been conducted in the area of buy back of shares.
The key issue here is the price of the buy back as it is limited neither by the market nor by the price of the deal.
HSH is offering to buy back up to half of its EUR750m, callable, fixed and floating-rate notes, maturing in February 2017, and its EUR1bn, callable, step-up floating-rate note, also maturing in February 2017.
Maximum buy back amount will be TRY 200 million (131.
Givaudan AG, Geneva, Switzerland, said it plans to buy back 10%, of its own shares, citing a lack of acquisition prospects as the reason.
Under the program, Toyota was to buy back up to 170 million shares under a repurchase limit of 600 billion yen.
The concern has been noted, and although we have now got authority to buy back these extra shares, we will be be talking to any investors who may still be unhappy to reassure them.
Unfortunately, no one is really sure how to buy back fishing vessels in a way that brings fleet size in line with conservation goals.
IF THE COMPANY HAS MATERIAL INFORMATION that has not been made public it should not buy back stock.
THE growing crisis in the property market has forced Dublin Corporation to pay top dollar to buy back houses it sold at knockdown prices just a few years ago.
They buy back [a defective car] from the first owner, who has the best chance of getting an attorney, and they resell it to someone who is more vulnerable and less able to fight.