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A trained animator with a live-action short and a docu to her credit and a bit part in Petr Zelenka's "Buttoners," debuting helmer Michaela Pavlatova understands that in this kind of chamber drama less is more.
In her first major role after distinctive support in "Kolya," "Autumn Spring" and others, Spalkova brings a mercurial sincerity reminiscent of Emily Watson to Monika; the chemistry with the vulnerable yet dignified Trojan (seen in contempo Czech drama "Loners" and "Buttoners" helmer Petr Zelenka's Erotic Tales short "Powers") is essential to pic's emotional balance.
The legendary Czech appetites for distinctive music and enthusiastic imbibing converge in "Year of the Devil," fourth reality-bending feature from "Buttoners" helmer Petr Zelenka.
The list includes Jan Sverak (who won his Oscar for "Kolya"), Jan Hrebejk (nominated this year for "Divided We Fall") and fest favorites Sasa Gedeon ("Return of the Idiot") and Petr Zelenka ("Buttoners").
Pic eschews older-generation elements of writer Petr Zelenka's recent fest fave "Buttoners" (which he also directed) in favor of a more fluid and hard-nosed brand of millennial malaise among an interconnected set of well-to-do twentysomethings who bounce off each other in contempo Prague.
Helmer Roman Vavra earns a spot among the young Czech generation with his debut film, the three-episode "In the Rye." Like contemporary Petr Zelenka's fest gave "Buttoners," new pic loosely joins a series of stories, in this case all set in a rye field and covering the range of seasons and span of life.