button down

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button down

To fasten or secure something in place with buttons. A noun or pronoun can be used between "button" and "down." Button down your pocket so that nothing falls out of it. Button that flap down so it doesn't get blown around by the wind.
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1. adjective Having or fastened together by buttons, as of a shirt or shirt collar. Primarily heard in US. We're going to a nice restaurant for dinner, so be sure to wear a button-down shirt, please!
2. adjective Conservative, unimaginatively conventional, or old-fashioned, as of a person's clothing, attitude, behavior, or beliefs. Primarily heard in US. He spent his entire adult life as a button-down clerk, so when he turned 65, he decided it was time for adventure.
3. noun A shirt that has a collar and buttons extending down the full length of its front. Primarily heard in US. I've got a date tonight, so I'm going to buy a nice button-down for the occasion.
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button something down

to fasten something down with buttons. Button your collar down. You look too casually dressed. Please button down your collar.
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