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While you make the transition, try pairing unsweetened nut butters with something naturally sweet, such as a sliced apple or pear.
Beat soft butter together with a shot of espresso, a dash of vanilla extract and icing sugar so it suits your taste.
Rich and creamy, butter is the perfect natural fat loaded with omega-3s, Vitamin A, beta carotene, and the beneficial rare fat, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)--when made from the milk of a grassfed cow.
Either way, you'll consistently make butter that is far superior to commercial products, even premium imported butters.
Peanut butter has long held a monopoly on the nut butter market.
At this point you can simply place the butters in bowls before returning to the fridge, then everyone can dig in to their favourites at the barbecue.
Merchandising Tips* Try putting the specialty butters in the cheese case to distinguish them from the rest.
complete line of body care butters for the personal care industry at InCosmetics and New York Suppliers' Day.
The researchers placed the butters in both frozen (-20 C) and refrigerated (5 C) storage.
Dozens of nut butter options include almond, cashew, hazelnut, macadamia and soy butters as well as sesame seed butter--all close, nutritionally speaking.
Wyke Farms, which also draws on the naturalness and quality of its butters, is revamping its butter range launching a new brand Truly Scrumptious.
Increasingly, spreadable butters are helping to increase sales in the butter category at the retail level.
Natural Sourcing added Nilotica shea butter to its line of nutritive, specialty butters for cosmeceutical use.
Justin's mission was to create "amazing nut butters made with the highest quality organic and natural ingredients.