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Someone who is clumsy and often drops things or else fails to catch something. I dropped another plate! I'm such a butterfingers today. Coach, don't put that butterfingers Jimmy in the outfield!

have butterfingers

To be clumsy, usually momentarily, by dropping or failing to catch something. I dropped another plate! I guess I just have butterfingers today. Coach, don't put Jimmy in the outfield—he has butterfingers!
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have (or be a) butterfingers

be unable to catch deftly or hold securely.
This phrase comes from the idea that hands covered with butter will be slippery, making holding on to anything difficult. There was also a dialect sense of ‘unable to handle anything hot’, as if your fingers were made of melting butter. Butterfingers! is often jeeringly shouted at someone who has failed to catch a ball in a game.
See also: butterfingers, have
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A junk-food or guilty-pleasures basket - filled with Snickers, Butterfingers, Moon Pies, frosted animal cookies and such - also has numerous takers.
Wood showed in the morning that he was over his spell of butterfingers by holding on to two catches at second slip as Leicestershire were bowled out in their first innings for 289.
Viewers who haven't been paying attention probably haven't noticed that, whereas in the past, movie and television characters drank generic cola and bit into any old, non-specific candy bar, they now chug Coke by the barrel and chomp down regularly on peanut buttery Butterfingers.
Lynch, 41, amassed a monthly total of 177 points which saw him home ahead of Adam Scott from Chester and the County Durham-based Butterfingers, who were locked together on 171.
And the coveted Butterfingers Prize goes to so-called "safe pair of hands" Defence Secretary Philip Hammond.
Quickest Butterfingers Nuredinovski was again at fault when Keane made it 2-0 in the 21st minute.
Harmison and Mark Davies' butterfingers might have denied the Teessider the cherry on the top of a personal campaign which has also seen him score 400 runs at an average of 44, but there was no diguising his revival.
Meanwhile, Sean Lamont dared Italy to take the Murrayfield mickey by trying to make him live up to his butterfingers tag.
Well, butterfingers Blair has dropped the ball and our NHS dental service is in crisis.
22 PEOPLE with butterfingers will love the stylish unbreakable vase from Menu.
Still Game star Mark Cox was so keen to act his own age for a change he jumped at the chance of a leading role in new kids show Butterfingers.
A touch of butterfingers meant Yorkshire paid a heavy price for dropping five catches against table-toppers Hampshire on the first day of the Frizzell Championship match at Headingley yesterday.
30 3 3 Butterfingers, M&M's, or Reese's Pieces (3) 110 5 3 Hot Fudge 140 7 3 Coconut 60 5 4 Peanut Butter Topping 210 19 4 Cones Cake Cone 20 0 0 Sugar Cone or Junior Waffle Cone 70 1 0 Waffle Cone 110 2 1 [check] Best Bite.
But the old two-star General down the road can fit you in tomorrow afternoon - even though the lad doing the ops is a bit of a butterfingers.
Tied in joint-second on 171 points are Adam Scott, winner of the December award, and the Butterfingers entry from Crook, in County Durham.