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Someone who is clumsy and often drops things or else fails to catch something. I dropped another plate! I'm such a butterfingers today. Coach, don't put that butterfingers Jimmy in the outfield!

have butterfingers

To be clumsy, usually momentarily, by dropping or failing to catch something. I dropped another plate! I guess I just have butterfingers today. Coach, don't put Jimmy in the outfield—he has butterfingers!
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have (or be a) butterfingers

be unable to catch deftly or hold securely.
This phrase comes from the idea that hands covered with butter will be slippery, making holding on to anything difficult. There was also a dialect sense of ‘unable to handle anything hot’, as if your fingers were made of melting butter. Butterfingers! is often jeeringly shouted at someone who has failed to catch a ball in a game.
See also: butterfingers, have
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They probably tried but couldn't, these being the most bone-headed Ockers ever seen: all butterfingered crash-bang-wallop and strewing kickable penalties like Bill Gates doling out charitable donations.
McGrath for a towering six off butterfingered Paul Reiffel and successive fours off the first two balls of Damien Fleming's final over.
Ridley is more explosive than BJGE, but he's going to have to curb the butterfingered ways that plagued him late in his rookie season if he hopes to play at all.
Which makes it a good week for sloppy eaters, soapdodgers and butterfingered chefs.
He may also have been the one man in the place who was caught by surprise reprises by Letizi's butterfingered demise.
As so often, it was vice-captain Dougie Brown, one of the previous day's butterfingered miscreants, who atoned with an important half-century, shared chiefly in a stand of 75 with Tony Frost.
But at least 34-year-old Nasser, unlike some butterfingered team-mates on the field, safely held on to 7lb 3oz Joel yesterday when he proudly showed him off for the first time.
He and scrum-half Robert Howley did their not inconsiderable best, but trapped between feeble forwards and butterfingered backs Gareth Edwards and Barry John would have struggled.
OXO ``Good Grips'' tools are a true friend to any butterfingered handyman.
A few were the fault of butterfingered receivers, but most were due to his surprisingly inexplicable decision making.
Lowly Broadstreet, bolstered by a fistful of recent recruits, maintained their improving form with a second successive home win denting the promotion prospects of a Dudley Kingswinford side lightweight up front, butterfingered and lacklustre behind.
We couldn't even beat the most butterfingered Australian team there ever was.
That run came close to ending multiple times in each of the last two outings, but the butterfingered Bears and Packers failed to capitalize on their opportunities.
I sense the presence of butterfingered David Davies in all of this.
Even that needed an assist from Polish keeper Jerzy Dudek, whose feeble attempt to hang on to the Blackburn Rovers striker's close-range volley was butterfingered enough to recall the golden days of Gary Sprake.