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What from the magnitude of the shock might have been a column of water running upright in the dark, butted against the ship, broke short, and fell on her bridge, crushingly, from on high, with a dead burying weight.
Influences, direct or indirect, originating from each side have regularly mixed or butted against each other here since 1991.
Have the cultures butted against each other, intermingled or integrated into one coherent whole since unity?
The montages proffer a Sex in the City-style aspirational lifestyle, butted against a more down-atheels DIY tabloid 'celebrity'' of expos.
But they might have as well butted against a stone wall.
7 Apply jointing tape at one-metre intervals, butted against corner strips, and remove the backing paper as you go.
My stand was on an edge where a swamp butted against a plot of open timber that had been thinned several years before.
The mount base fits on top of the barrel, butted against the front of the frame and is held to the each mounting plate by two thick screws.
If you aren't butted against a price point, an increase on a twice-monthly from, say, $177 to $189 should have no effect on response and should bring in, on the hypothetical mailing above, another $1200 or so.
I fired up the little 3 horse Evinrude and butted against the current, more than ever determined to bring him in.
Invariably, the timetable butted against the film's May 4 release date.
Ultimate garden center: Butted against a garage and a storage shed, this 12- by 12-foot center has plenty of room for potting and propagation, as well as thoughtful features that organize and soften the open redwood structure.
Lay a carpenter's square on the table with one leg butted against the miter gauge.