busy with (something)

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busy with (something)

1. adjective Spending a lot of one's time focused or working on a particular task, goal, or project. I'm so busy with school right now that I haven't seen my friends in weeks.
2. verb To immerse oneself in a task or project. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun is used between "busy" and "with." Ever since my break-up with Ben, I've busied myself with work to keep from crying all day long.
3. verb To engage or occupy someone with a distraction, task, or project. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "busy" and "with." If you busy the baby with a toy, he'll stop crying in no time. My husband is off all week, so I'm busying him with repairs around the house.
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busy oneself with someone or something

to occupy one's time by dealing with someone or something. Tony busied himself with helping Sam. Mrs. Wilson busied herself with little Jimmy.
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busy someone with someone or something

to keep someone busy dealing with someone or something. You should busy the children with some activity. We will busy Randy with cleaning up the garage.
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As parents it is sometimes easy to forget the needs of our children as we busy ourselves with the other things in life that needlessly distract us, but seeing my sons all together again this week reminded me of the importance of remembering our children as individuals AND as a collective whole.
For the last four or five weeks we have been able to change our perspective and busy ourselves with a bigger goal.
How often do we busy ourselves with the small things of life that we neglect the bigger things?
As Barnie says, faced with unpredictable change and unprecedented threats, "we busy ourselves with our lives yet are haunted by self-doubts".
We should not busy ourselves with our differences while an enemy determined to harm the population is in the country,'' Ahmed said on Monday.
It's where all the greats have played but at the moment we're pretty busy ourselves with a number of gigs and festivals including the International Eisteddfod in Llangollen.
Seeing the language of communication return to a bit of reasonableness and hinting that the scope of the dispute can be reduced to fit Lebanon's size require that we adopt formulas of the type mentioned above, and of the type that proposes "undertaking constitutional reforms (following the conclusion of parliamentary elections) after implementing the Taif Agreement, so that we can all busy ourselves with the imbalance that exists, and correct itC*" Using reconciliatory expressions in order to raise sensitive and difficult matters (constitutional reforms, weapons, etc.
But how on earth can we achieve any of that if we busy ourselves with "making statements" instead of working to make the crucial difference?
To the extent that we have to busy ourselves with a television crew so that somebody can make a buck on a network reality show, it may compromise our ability to solve crimes in the most expeditious way.
We so busy ourselves with faithfully conducting the real business of Christmas and resisting the funny business of Christmas that, once the angels have sung, we are quite exhausted.
We busy ourselves with work and meetings that have nothing to do with the primary goals," said Fellinger.
Those big questions that we forget to keep asking as we grow up and busy ourselves with making a living.
HOUSTON -- As most of us busy ourselves with planning and shopping for our friends and family, thousands of children across the Houston area may have to go without gifts this holiday season.
We all need to busy ourselves with God's creative work and allow our hands to be used by Him and not by the Devil.
Other people switch the telly on but we busy ourselves with the sheep.