busy with (something)

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busy with (something)

1. adjective Spending a lot of one's time focused or working on a particular task, goal, or project. I'm so busy with school right now that I haven't seen my friends in weeks.
2. verb To immerse oneself in a task or project. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun is used between "busy" and "with." Ever since my break-up with Ben, I've busied myself with work to keep from crying all day long.
3. verb To engage or occupy someone with a distraction, task, or project. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "busy" and "with." If you busy the baby with a toy, he'll stop crying in no time. My husband is off all week, so I'm busying him with repairs around the house.
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busy oneself with someone or something

to occupy one's time by dealing with someone or something. Tony busied himself with helping Sam. Mrs. Wilson busied herself with little Jimmy.
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busy someone with someone or something

to keep someone busy dealing with someone or something. You should busy the children with some activity. We will busy Randy with cleaning up the garage.
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References in classic literature ?
"Do what you like--dine where you please--go and have ginger-beer and sawdust at Astley's, or psalm-singing with Lady Jane--only don't expect me to busy myself with the boy.
My way of dealing with that used to be to busy myself with work.
And I will busy myself with picking up the discarded parts of me that other boys will leave behind.
My mum still cooks the dinner on the big day (thanks, Mum) while I busy myself with getting everything looking fabulous.
"I have nothing to do here; that is why I want to busy myself with redesigning the store." He believes that Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is trying to create problems for Kurdistan, but it seems that without a strong domestic production sector, Salim's job and the whole market will stay vulnerable to such shocks.
Do you think that, in parliament, I'll busy myself with people who don't have water, or people who get drunk?"
I could no longer busy myself with his care and assume my professional role, my most effective coping mechanism.
12.30am Having grabbed a sandwich, I busy myself with some general office administration and set about stocking the shelves of our reception shop.
I come back and take my seat and busy myself with copy-pasting it to this document as my pent up frustration finally finds a safety valve in my wish to enlighten all you ignorant folks.
I listlessly tried to busy myself with some chores and work, but even I had not anticipated how much I would miss the cheerful banter that I, at times, considered a nuisance.
BRIAN PATTON says I'm making negative comments which will hinder NDC's work and that I should busy myself with other matters, effectively telling me to keep my nose out of my own constituency.
So instead I busy myself with doing those domestic chores for myself and housemate Jonathan.