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Her father and female guardian were incessantly busy in pursuit of her,--but, when caught, she melted from them again like a summer cloud; and as no word of chiding or reproof ever fell on her ear for whatever she chose to do, she pursued her own way all over the boat.
The little one was shy, for all her busy interest in everything going on, and it was not easy to tame her.
Tom rose up, and went forward to offer his service in wooding, and soon was busy among the hands.
Thunder-showers had been tolerably frequent of late, and I was not much afraid of a failure; still, I shouldn't have cared for a delay of a day or two; I should have explained that I was busy with affairs of state yet, and the people must wait.
We are all well and busy, but we long, day and night, to have you back.
The busy mind has no time to think Of sorrow or care or gloom.
But at length Caxton's useful, busy life came to an end.
She loved to do the "little things" that others did not see, or were too busy to stop for; and while doing them, without a thought of thanks, she made sunshine for herself as well as others.
Shaw had been so busy getting rich, that he had not found time to teach his children to love him; he was more at leisure now, and as his boy and girls grew up, he missed something.
"Oh, he is sweeping out the barracks," replied one of the generals, who was busy eating a leg of a turkey.
"Oh, no, I'm not at all busy," answered Varenka, but at that moment she had to leave her new friends because two little Russian girls, children of an invalid, ran up to her.
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