bustle about

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bustle about

1. To move quickly from place to place while trying to complete a task. Annabelle has been bustling about, cleaning the whole house and setting up all the guest rooms before her relatives come to visit.
2. To quickly move around some space or area while trying to complete a task. In this usage, the location is stated after "about." I spent the whole afternoon bustling about town, trying to get through my list of errands while the kids were at school.
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bustle about doing something

to go about doing something busily and energetically. Greg bustled about all day, doing the chores. Lily bustled about, getting dinner ready.
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bustle about some place

to move about some place very busily, or as if busy. They were all bustling about the kitchen, getting the feast ready. Veronica was bustling about outside, cleaning up the yard.
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