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hustle (one's) bustle

To increase one's pace or sense of urgency; to hurry up; to get moving quickly. We'd better hustle our bustle if we want to get to the movie theater on time!
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bustle about

1. To work on a task vigorously. Because her relatives are coming to visit, Annabelle is bustling about, cleaning the whole house and setting up all the guest rooms.
2. To quickly move around some space or area while trying to complete a task. In this usage, the location is stated after "about." Because her relatives are coming to visit, Annabelle is bustling about the living room, putting all of the kids' toys away.
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bustle around

To move quickly while trying to complete a task. Because her relatives are coming to visit, Annabelle is bustling around, cleaning the whole house and setting up all the guest rooms.
See also: around, bustle

bustle off

1. To leave a place hastily. A: "I didn't see Alice this morning. B: "Oh, she bustled off because she was running late."
2. To send someone somewhere. In this usage, a noun can be used between "bustle" and "off." Before I left for the airport, I bustled my daughter off to school.
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hustle and bustle

Busy and frenetic activity or excitement. I love living among the hustle and bustle of the city. I avoid the hustle and bustle of malls and shopping centers whenever I can.
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bustle about doing something

to go about doing something busily and energetically. Greg bustled about all day, doing the chores. Lily bustled about, getting dinner ready.
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bustle about some place

to move about some place very busily, or as if busy. They were all bustling about the kitchen, getting the feast ready. Veronica was bustling about outside, cleaning up the yard.
See also: bustle, place

bustle around

to move about very busily. The people were bustling around, trying to get things ready for the picnic. I wish you would stop bustling around.
See also: around, bustle

bustle off

to leave in haste. Well, I have to bustle off or I'll miss my flight. I hate to bustle off so soon.
See also: bustle, off

bustle someone off

to help someone leave; to send someone out or away. The cops bustled the crook off. They bustled off the three men who were fighting.
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hustle and bustle

Fig. confusion and business. I can't stand the hustle and bustle of big cities. There is a lot of hustle and bustle in this office at the end of the fiscal year.
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ˌhustle and ˈbustle

busy and excited activity: I can’t concentrate on my work with all this hustle and bustle going on around me.I’ve always loved the hustle and bustle of big cities.
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Stone Street Garden, a cozy crosswalk just steps from Neiman Marcus, is bustling with lunch and dinner activity.
The B&B provides a rare opportunity to experience Acadia from a quiet, old-time Maine fishing community, rather than from the more bustling tourist areas.
Journey to the pinnacled landscapes of Cappadocia, the historical treasures and the seaside resorts of the Mediterranean coast and on to the bustling bazaars & palaces of Istanbul on this very special itinerary.
Sheila Connor takes us on a remarkable odyssey through these forests, from retreating glaciers 12,000 years ago to the bustling cityscapes of this century, weaving together the lives of people and trees in everyday life and changing times.
In Night Light, 1993, an eight-by-twelve-foot wall painting, bustling linear networks traverse a muted ground, enhancing the ceaseless movement of the gestural shapes.
Johnstown Flood" tells the story of how a bustling American city recovers after the tragedy with the support of the nation.
For the bustling coastal county is one of Scotland's hidden property gems.
WHEN looking for the best shops or services, you might be tempted to automatically head to the city centre - but take a short trip to the bustling suburbs of Allerton, Garston, Halewood, Woolton, Gateacre and Speke and you''ll find everything you could need.
Summary: Some survivors of the tsunami have returned home to see damage in the normally bustling city of Ofunato, Japan.
In any case, consumers in affluent suburban spreads are also subject to such influences when it comes to reaching for the flavored snack crackers, especially older bustling families.
The pictures by renowned artist Byron Dawson detail aspects of life in Newcastle, from a bustling night in the Bigg Market to a Sunday morning market on the Quayside.
Held each year in the heart of York, the city comes alive with bustling stalls offering a wealth of gifts, crafts, food and drink, while all around you the smell of roasting chestnuts and the angelic voices of carol singers fills the air.
have all leased space at 45 Main Street, adding their signatures to the creative and bustling artistic community.
Where once there were bustling shopfloors, now there are empty walkways The banter, the laughter, the sweat and the tears are distant memories - now only a string of half-finished cars and emptiness remains.
Martin's production - bustling and crowded though it frequently is - allows us to know them, too.