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These bustles could be abused with little or no damage.
And certain ladies like Dawn French, who don't care a fig for size, are already sporting their own natural God-given bustles with plenty of frock space for concealment.
Feathers used to be earned, a way for a warrior to publicize their deeds, and ceremonial bustles were used only for ceremonial purposes," said Speidel.
At Christmas time, customers bustle in and out, getting their holiday trees.
In this dance, the dancer dons a real horsetail that is held at the waist by a belt where they would ordinarily wear their bustle.
First there were long woolen pants, high-necked bodices and floor-length skirts with bustles.
The courtyard area outside Court Plaza Complex bustles with people walking to and from Main Street and the court house, eating lunch, mingling and simply relaxing.
Men's traditional bustles appear to be susceptible to this old saying.
Round bustles are becoming popular again with traditional dancers (see WW, Vol.
I have been making bustle since a young age and know a great deal about making bustles but found this a hard to follow diagram.
In short, Round bustle has more arm movement to accentuate the presence and use of the arm bustles, the dancer is more upright with the shoulders, hips and feet are more in one vertical line.
Attaching feathers directly to the belt proper is a common feature of early forms of bustles and Crow belts.
Lightning Paul from the Yakima tribe said that his grandfather told him the three bustles represent the three cycles of life-the heart, the body, and the soul.
In the past the author has owned bustles that had to go thorough elaborate procedures to put them together to dance.
While the smaller more traditional round bustles are still popular with some of the more traditional dancers, the larger bustles have become an adopted part of the contemporary form of Northern Traditional dance.