bust (one's) butt

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bust (one's) butt

1. To exert a significant amount of energy in some task, activity, or goal; to work very hard. I've been busting my butt all night long to get this presentation ready for tomorrow's meeting. She's going to have to bust her butt if she wants a place on the varsity team.
2. To harass, nag, or upbraid one to do, accomplish, or complete something. The boss is busting everyone's butt to get the project ready by next week. Quit busting my butt! I'll get it done eventually!
3. To defeat one decisively. We weren't prepared for the game, and the other team busted our butts.
4. To tease one; to give one a hard time. Aw, come on, dude, I was just busting your butt. No need to get upset about it.
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bust somebody’s ˈass/ˈballs/ˈbutt/ˈhump

(American English, taboo, slang) (also bust somebody’s ˈchops American English rather old-fashioned) criticize somebody in an angry or annoying way: Why are you always busting my balls?This guy keeps busting my chops about my smelly tennis sneakers. ▶ ˈball-buster noun
See also: ass, ball, bust, butt, hump

bust your ˈass/ˈballs/ˈbutt/ˈhump

(American English, taboo, slang) make a very great effort: I bust my ass to get that job.I’ve been busting my hump for the last week trying to get the project finished.
See also: ass, ball, bust, butt, hump
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bust butt

See also: bust, butt

bust butt to do something

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bust one’s butt

See also: bust, butt
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"I saw a lot of the forwards busting their butt and getting back," Haynes added.
"I think they're busting their butt in trying to improve on the service side," says Hardie.
Everyone is busting their butt trying to get to the playoffs.
If they had a strikeout, or the ball went though their legs, or they threw a home-run pitch, that's irrelevant compared to them going out and busting their butt for the whole game."
Then there's the dream scenario, "if somehow it caught fire in a little way, and people saw this strong American story and thought, God, this is such fun to see an American tale spun well by an author and to see some new faces busting their butts to do a good job," Granik said.
Asked if she had decided what she'd be wearing, Michelle, 35, said: "No, because that's a tough ticket!" "I think that's for the guys who put most time into the project, that's for the lead cast that was there for four years busting their butts, all the special effects guys, the editors involved.
You'd have to be awfully cynical and jaded not to enjoy watching the12 no more than averagely talented performers overacting and busting their butts to try and win a record contract and a career.
"We came out in the second half and knew we had to be better, and our guards like Q (Quinton Perkins) and Malik and everybody were getting steals and busting their butts to do what they need to do," Akanni said.