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"Not only legislators (during legislative sessions), but many of the downtown business community's upper management and 'up and comers" frequented Buster's, he said.
A door buster uses a pump to create a force of almost 22,000 kg at the point of contact on the door and then flings it open by sending shock waves at the speed of 200 feet per second, the NSG official said.
"Belly Busters is a fun alternative for children to get involved with and learn in a way where they don't feel like they're being lectured at."
EXPLOITS: Scenes from The Desert Rats and The Dam Busters. Above, Wing Cmdr Rochelle and Brig Marriot
LILY Savage star Paul O'Grady is battling with former bosses at ITVoverchiefs over his shih-tzu lapdog Buster.
CARD SHARP: Bishop David Sheppard pupil Kallum Rimmer with a Bully Busters card; MESSAGE: Pupils Josh Fewtrell, Lucy McKenna, Sapphire Page, Lauren Dowling, Kallum Rimmer and Sammy Jopson
The bunker buster, or Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator (RNEP)--and other new weapons like 5-kiloton, "usable" mini-nukes--keep showing up on Pentagon budget proposals like unappealing chef's specials.
But I don't think anybody is stupid enough to do what I do." However, she will allow that she could have made Hawaii Business' latest Top 250 list (the cutoff was $16 million in 2002 gross sales) and she says Price Busters' gross sales grew 35 percent from 2002 to 2003.
Patients younger than 75 who don't have contraindications to clot busters, such as very high blood pressure or a history of bleeding, are likely to benefit from the drags, Soumerai says.
Wall's Barbecue Busters come in a gigantic pack, specially reinforced to hold the three enormous sausages and are available from all leading supermarkets nationwide at around pounds 1.99 for a 570g pack.
A major source of conflict appeared to be miscommunication: Both the 40-somethings (Boomers) and the 20-somethings (Busters) complained they were misunderstood.
Marketers and demographic experts should be advised that the post-boomer generation has arrived--the baby busters.
As we learn from The GenX Reader, "twenty-somethings" or "busters" distinguish themselves from the more earnest and economically fulfilled (baby) "boomers" by their mastery of irony and self-reflexive texts.
Now it's time to start taking the new generation of baby busters seriously, William Dunn argues.