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and ball-buster
1. n. a difficult task; a difficult or trying situation requiring extremely hard work or effort. (Usually objectionable.) That whole construction job was a real ball-breaker. Why should moving furniture end up being such a ball-buster?
2. n. a hard taskmaster; a hard-to-please boss. (Usually objectionable.) Tom gets a day’s work for a day’s pay out of his men, but he’s no ball-breaker. My boss is a ball-buster, but he pays well.
3. n. a female who is threatening to males. (Usually objectionable.) Mrs. Samuels has a terrible reputation as a “ball-breaker.” Wholly deserved, I might add.




and konk-buster (ˈkɔŋkbəstɚ)
1. n. inferior liquor. Jed kept a jar of conk-buster under his bed against night sweats.
2. n. a hard-to-answer question or problem. Man, what you’re asking is really a conk-buster.




1. n. a rough ride; a rough road. This road is a kidney-buster. I wish they’d fix it.
2. n. an uncomfortable or poorly built seat in a vehicle. This kidney-buster is going to ruin my back.


and skull-popper
1. n. a difficult course in school or college. The course was a skull-buster, and I had to drop it.
2. n. a police officer. (Refers to the striking of skulls.) Two skull-poppers came up and started asking questions.
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A spokeswoman said: "An announcement prior to Sunday's show will state that this week's programme was pre-recorded before the sad death of Buster.
All the surfers have been searching for Buster and we asked all the villagers if they had seen him.
The reason the medal has only just been announced is that Buster has been in quarantine in Germany, and Danny drove there to fetch him.
I do not want to be a mighty frog," replied Buster.
I knew Buster way before his Swing 46 era, which started roughly during the final days of Bring in `da Noise, Bring in `da Funk, the Broadway hit that paid tribute to him with a loving Savion Glover solo.
In a voice trembling with emotion, Naseem, 25, said: "The sad thing is, Buster is so young but he's probably only got till Christmas to live.
The Busters, whose communication style is direct (That's not my problem"), enraged the Boomers.
Jimmy put Buster in a cage and gave him some food and fresh water.
In addition, Bon-Ton's After-Thanksgiving door busters and specials will be available online beginning even earlier at 6 a.
It's why Robert Stanek gets so many letters from children addressed to particular critters, especially to Buster.
Mechanic and valeter Buster Martin has been told to take the day off by his boss.
Officers in Spain had promised to release six-year-old Buster, but did nothing.
The first century of Buster Brown offers a unique look at the history of brand marketing as well as the evolution of the American consumer.
Buster, the blind, three-legged collie, has been reunited with his owner after cheating death in a dingy manhole.