bust (one's) butt

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bust (one's) butt

1. To exert a significant amount of energy in some task, activity, or goal; to work very hard. I've been busting my butt all night long to get this presentation ready for tomorrow's meeting. She's going to have to bust her butt if she wants a place on the varsity team.
2. To harass, nag, or upbraid one to do, accomplish, or complete something. The boss is busting everyone's butt to get the project ready by next week. Quit busting my butt! I'll get it done eventually!
3. To defeat one decisively. We weren't prepared for the game, and the other team busted our butts.
4. To tease one; to give one a hard time. Aw, come on, dude, I was just busting your butt. No need to get upset about it.
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bust somebody’s ˈass/ˈballs/ˈbutt/ˈhump

(American English, taboo, slang) (also bust somebody’s ˈchops American English rather old-fashioned) criticize somebody in an angry or annoying way: Why are you always busting my balls?This guy keeps busting my chops about my smelly tennis sneakers. ▶ ˈball-buster noun
See also: ass, ball, bust, butt, hump

bust your ˈass/ˈballs/ˈbutt/ˈhump

(American English, taboo, slang) make a very great effort: I bust my ass to get that job.I’ve been busting my hump for the last week trying to get the project finished.
See also: ass, ball, bust, butt, hump
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bust butt

See also: bust, butt

bust butt to do something

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bust one’s butt

See also: bust, butt
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LEONARD 'BUST OUR BUTTS' BRODY GOES down as one of the most colourful and left-field club directors (Orange Ken Dulieu aside) for his sensational, if completely ridiculous, money-making scheme based on getting fans to text in at premium rates to the club with their preferred substitutions during a game, which the manager would then have to make.
We don't want to bust our butts hunting all season just to wind up wounding or missing a hard won shot because our bow is not hitting where we thought it was.
"Hopefully, we can bust our butts and keep playing hard."
There was Bust Our Butts Brody, the man came up with the harebrained 'text your subs' moneymaking scheme.
The Canadian entrepreneur came in with his "bust our butts" rhetoric, insisting that the key difference with them from the previous lineup was "unity".
"We just bust our butts in practice and work real hard," Marcasciano said.