bust one

bust (one)

To arrest one for an illegal act. The police busted us for underage drinking.
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bust (someone) one

slang To punch someone. That bully will never bother you again if you just bust him one in the face!
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bust someone one

Sl. to punch someone; to give someone a punch, probably in the face. (Bust is a nonstandard form of burst meaning 'hit' here.) You better shut up, or I'll bust you one! You want me to bust you one? I will if you do that again.
See also: bust, one
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If you see that you'll bust one of the restrictions, you can usually just "hop" over it with minimal disruption to your otherwise stabilized descent.
His scorecard was truly a boom or bust one, with Frost falling to a pair of bogeys but rescuing things with six birdies and an eagle.
To "bust one's butt" is to "onhoreven zikh vi an eyzl" (to "work as hard as a donkey").
The 120-metre vessel has bust one of its two hulls, according to Sambalis.
"We talked about it last night at the hotel and I had a feeling he was going to bust one," running back Byron Marshall said.
Eats: Enjoy All the Seconds is a full-color, softcover cookbook that emphasizes several positive dimensions of a good meal: healthy food created from fresh ingredients that don't bust one's kitchen budget.
I'm always waiting, like, "She's gonna take the hint and bust one out!"
Every once in awhile an old buddy who might have been in the service would bust one out of his truck and we'd go down and shoot targets or something like that.
Scottish football's SPL top flight faces financial meltdown since Irish satellite firm Setanta went bust one year into a pounds 125million contract to screen matches.
If you try to bust one off the tee, chances are you're going to miss the narrow fairway and open the door to a double-bogey or worse.
For many, a safe bank paying no interest may well be better than a bust one which offered 7%.
If you bust one crimping the case, the spilled shot makes a mess.
"There are going to be a lot of runs that are two yards or three yards here and there, but you never know when you're going to bust one for eight or nine, or even break it out (for something) bigger than that."
Although a top City economist is predicting the housing boom must end in bust one day, agents and professional forecasters seem confident that nothing nasty will hit the market in 2007 - and that we can expect further house price rises of around 7%.