bust chops

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bust (one's) chops

1. (acting upon oneself) To exert a significant amount of energy or work very hard to do, accomplish, or complete something. I've been busting my chops all night long to get this presentation ready for tomorrow's meeting. She's going to have to bust her chops if she wants a place on the varsity team.
2. (acting upon someone else) To harass, nag, or upbraid someone to do, accomplish, or complete something. The boss is busting everyone's chops to get the project ready by next week. Quit busting my chops! I'll get it done eventually!
See also: bust, chops

bust (someone's) chops

1. To scold or insult someone.
2. To disappoint or defeat someone.
3. To hold a building contractor to the letter of an agreement.
See also: bust, chops
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He's grown up a lot since then though, so I don't mean to bust his chops too much.
Racial issues are handled with an interesting combination of in-your-face bluntness (when Wahlberg's detective Danny Wallace joins the all-Asian unit run by Chow's Nick Chen, his new colleagues bust his chops about only being there to meet Chinese girls) and drooling hypocrisy (every opportunity to undress a young Asian woman is lovingly exploited).