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1. harassment; a scolding; general bad treatment. (*Typically: get ~; give someone ~.) The guys have been giving me the business about my new hairstyle. Sam was giving Tom the business about being late all the time.
2. Sl an execution. (Underworld. *Typically: get ~; give someone ~.) The mob wanted to give him the business for confessing to the federal prosecutor.
References in classic literature ?
I was making money at this business when, in an evil moment, I was induced to merge it in the Cur-Spattering -- a somewhat analogous, but, by no means, so respectable a profession.
It is a plain, straightforward business, and requires no particular abilities.
I have found that a most pleasant and lucrative business, and, really, no trouble at all.
A disheartening series of rebuffs slowly forced the truth in upon Sanders's mind that the business world refused to accept the telephone as an article of commerce.
Until this good genie should arrive, they could do no more than flounder ahead, and take whatever business was the nearest and the cheapest.
Even this tiny nibbling at its business must be stopped.
That's good!" (Though his manner was less satisfied than his words.) "A matter of business. Regard it as a matter of business-business that must be done.
"A-a matter of business. You confuse me, and how can I transact business if I am confused?
Business! You have business before you; useful business.
This is a business matter with me, and if the two thousand pounds don't sound attractive enough, well, the amount must be revised, that's all.
To the lower regions with business! Help yourself to the oysters and pass the wine."
Of course, there were exceptions to this; and, such was the rigor of his discipline, that if he had a dinner or a conference before him in which, in a business way, he encountered enemies or allies and planned or prosecuted campaigns, he abstained from drinking.
You told me you didn't know whether it was public business or not.'
'I have now ascertained that it is public business,' returned the suitor, 'and I want to know'--and again repeated his monotonous inquiry.
You'll find out when the business passes through each of these stages by asking at both Departments till they tell you.'