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Cleveland birders are currently busily ticking off as many warblers as quickly as possible to add them to their yearly lists of sightings.
The Italians out in Abyssinia the Portuguese across in Brazil and in Angola - in fact lots of of our EU friends were all spreading friendship and goodwill all over the world whilst the villainous British were busily robbing the rest of it blind.
The elves busily sorted the vegetation prior to removal by Cardiff Parks Services.
JOSH Boswell from Nightingale House Hospice in Wrexham has been busily cutting out and collecting tokens to secure Daily Post Wish Fund cash.
Time for NAM flimflam: Iranian officials are busily traveling around the world handing out official invitations for chiefs of state to come to Iran for the August 26-31 summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).
A band of three adults and two juvenile "burglar apprentices" were busily ransacking a residence in Silver Springs Shores, Fla., stacking up jewelry and an entertainment system, when they thought they'd found a hidden mother lode of cocaine.
I was walking along the coastal path near Nefyn, past cliff-top picnic areas strewn with litter and a crow busily pecking the carcass of a dead lamb and I asked myself how can people wilfully spoil such places?
Being a passionate cook she is busily searching the iconic Edmunds cookbook to find the recipe for that other iconic, 'beaut kiwi treat,' a pavlova!
AUSTRALIA have been busily formulating plans to beat England and claw their way back in the Ashes and they appear to have found a method: playing them at golf.
Cucumbers in the corner, hot peppers up above, An aubergine stands all alone seeking a partner to love, The bees are buzzing busily, fertilising like mad, Come on in the flowers say, eager to be had.
Meanwhile, across on Bruce's Acre, Alex was busily putting together a 20lb 2oz net to finish almost 4lbs ahead of Drew McCluskey, with Kevin Aitken chasing them home less than 3lbs behind.
At first glance, the sixth grade classroom looks like any other--children busily working at their desks, colorful art projects adorning the walls and an American flag hanging in the corner.
The would-be Eurovision stars won't be the only ones feeling the pressure, as Lloyd Webber will also be busily trying to finish his song.
The National Underwriter Company and Claims Magazine have busily been preparing this year's program for the 12th Annual ACE America's Claim Event conference.