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Meanwhile, fellow bookmakers are busily preparing odds about which will prove the sounder investment - a slice of SIS or another parcel of land in the UAE, where Done is eagerly awaiting completion and handover of a penthouse suite and a villa on The Palm.
All four state associations are busily involved with preparations for their 2007 conferences.
More unintended irony came in the temporary village of fake log cabins being busily constructed around the Paulskirche in preparation for Frankfurt's annual Christmas fair.
The injured part often lies dormant for an indefinite period, with but little or no consciousness of its existence by the person injured, although from the very moment of the accident, perhaps the process of nature may be busily engaged in developing what may have seemed to be but a slight hurt into a most serious and perhaps fatal injury.
A huge pockmarked planet is the home of the Storyteller, alias Prokofiev, seen busily composing, and Ptashka, his muse, whom he invites to enact the tale.
Abwe, both of the Zoological Society of San Diego, observed three adult chimps sitting in a tree in the Ebo Forest busily cracking nuts that contain nutrient-rich seeds.
At school "MacUseless" (Macbeth) play rehearsals keep her occupied; her best friend Jas is busily planning a Viking wedding; and Georgia's family is as wacky as ever.
While Lily was busily giving away food and other items to storm victims, more supplies kept arriving from local churches and food banks, and the operation grew larger
Timmins -- The Timmins mining scene continues to heat up as juniors busily perform airborne surveys, geophysical groundwork and drilling in partnership with larger players such as the Porcupine Joint Venture (PJV) and Falconbridge.
Before coming to Winick Realty, Zelnik worked for CVS in its real estate department and at a time when the pharmacy was busily expanding its number of stores.
The damaged beachfront resort businesses have been busily buzzing and whirring back to life, getting new windows and interiors refitted.
Electronics suppliers seem convinced that customers' appetites for TV watching and web surfing know no bounds, and are busily working on ways to transform vehicles into rolling entertainment centers complete with the familiar choice: satellite or cable?
The class was working busily and all of a sudden one child yelled out "How do you know a girl fish from a boy fish?
The star of TV's The Bill thought he was only invited to present an award and was busily ticking the names of the winner of each category in his programme.