busy with (something)

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busy with (something)

1. adjective Spending a lot of one's time focused or working on a particular task, goal, or project. I'm so busy with school right now that I haven't seen my friends in weeks.
2. verb To immerse oneself in a task or project. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun is used between "busy" and "with." Ever since my break-up with Ben, I've busied myself with work to keep from crying all day long.
3. verb To engage or occupy someone with a distraction, task, or project. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "busy" and "with." If you busy the baby with a toy, he'll stop crying in no time. My husband is off all week, so I'm busying him with repairs around the house.
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busy oneself with someone or something

to occupy one's time by dealing with someone or something. Tony busied himself with helping Sam. Mrs. Wilson busied herself with little Jimmy.
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busy someone with someone or something

to keep someone busy dealing with someone or something. You should busy the children with some activity. We will busy Randy with cleaning up the garage.
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References in classic literature ?
For over an hour I busied myself with the common, ordinary work of a policeman.
I came forward and busied myself with the breakfast things.
The last remnants gone, I again busied myself with preparations for my expedition to the island.
Then as if I had in sober truth rescued her from an Alpine height or an Arctic floe, I busied myself with nothing but lighting the gas and starting the fire.
'sentence' (or perhaps I did not wish to think of it), and actually busied myself with affairs.
There's always other stuff that needs my attention, so I busied myself with that until the next appointment arrived.
So everyday during lunch, I busied myself with meetings -- French club, student body, whatever one could possibly do between noon and 1pm- I was there.
The following morning I busied myself with the types of activities that you do on a dark and stormy morning: pancakes for the kids, reading the paper, cleaning out a guest room ahead of a painting project...
I busied myself with little things, trying to escape the reality that I was caught in a moment where I couldn't do anything but bleed.
I instead busied myself with the beans (PS2) which had a barbecue flavour and came with chunks of bacon.
I'm not a lazy person, as I do voluntary work, and I have previously busied myself with courses from the Enterprise Centre to broaden my skill set.
She was the inspiration behind the Grumpy Old Women TV shows and books which I have busied myself with over the last few years.
Since I couldn't ask why my mother had become a vegetable, I busied myself with questions to the physical therapist about her arthritis, to the nurse about her diet and daily walks.
Dumped the feed into the chute feeder, and then busied myself with trying to keep my feet out from under some hundred plus thundering hooves.