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See yon tall man in the black mail, who is busied marshalling the farther troop of the rascaille yeomen by Saint Dennis, I hold him to be the same whom we called Le Noir Faineant, who overthrew thee, Front-de-B
Philippe busied himself actively with the youngster's education.
Not content with this, one brought me splendid garments, while another filled a basin with scented water and poured it over my hands, and the rest busied themselves with preparing refreshments.
It is true that, while busied only in considering the manners of other men, I found here, too, scarce any ground for settled conviction, and remarked hardly less contradiction among them than in the opinions of the philosophers.
As I said these words I busied myself among the pile of bones of which I have before spoken.
For several days ensuing, her name was unmentioned by either Usher or myself: and during this period I was busied in earnest endeavours to alleviate the melancholy of my friend.