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Heated sprue bushings of six different tip styles in 1 1/2-, 1- or 3/4-in.
Comprehensive line of hot-runner systems, hot sprue bushings, injection machine nozzles, temperature and hydraulic control systems, and process simulation services.
The inductor was updated to include a copper bushing with a water-cooled bushing joint cap.
But because the temperatures around the bushing were well below the 1100F (593C) shutdown temperature, operators decided to continue melting.
The life of the inductor on this furnace is now judged by the refractory temperatures around the bushing. While the reactance and frequency ratios are still calculated, they are of secondary importance.
The inductor had a copper water-cooled bushing fitted with a water-cooled joint cap, and was lined with a spinel bonded alumina refractory grain.
Bushing liners (headed and headless) - Pressed permanently into place in the jig plate or fixture, liners maintain a precise locating point for bushing insertion and protect the jig plate from wear caused by frequent bushing replacements.
Accuracy in production drilling operations depends on proper mounting hole preparation and bushing and liner installation.
The bottom of the bushing and the top of the workpiece should permit clearance (1 to 1.5 times the drill diameter) for chip removal and thus minimize bushing wear caused by chip abrasion.
The saturation network freezes symmetrically at some distance around the bushing except at the insulated joint.
One alternative in heading off the adverse thermal discontinuity due to the bushing joint insulator is water cooling the insulated joint in the bushing as shown in Fig.
The thermal discontinuity at the bushing joint insulator encourages deeper saturation in this vicinity of the inductor, accounting for the many inductor runouts.