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George heard the man and woman making their way through the bushes.
Still, by jabbing at the Bush family pedigree, and by highlighting the issue of class, she shows how the Bushes have put one over on the American people: "They make themselves happily oblivious to the difference between thinking you are self-made and being self-made," Dowd writes, "between liking to clear brush and having to clear brush.
The answers are in her book: When she contrasts her own ethnic, working class family background with the Bushes, when she talks about the hateful oppression of women in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, when she imagines Planet Enron run by corporate thieves and, in another column, when she worries about a sci-fi Planet Earth destroyed by too much oil drilling and coal burning.
In Phillips's eyes, the Bushes represent the embodiment of a mortal danger to the American republic: "the advent of a Machiavelli-inclined dynasty .
Bush and George Herbert Walker, both of whom launched the Bushes on a path of huge financial gain, war profiteering, international entanglements, and--generation by generation--crony capitalism and political finagling.
So the Bushes decided in January that Ernie would travel west while the rest of the family headed east to the White House.
It would seem to be no small coincidence that a tiny college club has somehow managed to spawn three presidents of the United States" -- William Howard Taft and the two George Bushes.
Barbara and I and all the Bushes are in unanimous, enthusiastic agreement that America needs Bob Dole's character, his courage, his decency and his common sense,'' Bush told reporters after the two met at Bush's oceanside home.
It'll make you glad you never got invited to sit around the fireplace listening to the Bushes tell stories at Kennebunkport.
And the Bushes entertain their share of dignitaries.
The program, which was unveiled with a splashy photo-op at a New York youth center, where the Bushes touchingly cradled babies and related to a once-stabbed teenager, was trumpeted with glowing reports on all three networks.
One was after the election, when the Bushes invited the traveling press corps over to their Kennebunkport home for wine and cheese on Thanksgiving weekend.