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go for a Burton

To fail or become useless; to die. Primarily heard in UK. Well, my plan to go to the beach will go for a Burton if it's supposed to rain all weekend.
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gone for a burton

Having failed or become useless; dead. Primarily heard in UK. Well, my plan to go to the beach is gone for a burton now that it's supposed to rain all weekend.
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go for a Burton

meet with disaster; be ruined, destroyed, or killed.British informal
This phrase first appeared in mid 20th- century air force slang, meaning ‘be killed in a crash’. It has been suggested that it refers to Burton's, the British men's outfitters, or to Burton, a kind of ale, but these are folk etymologies with no definite evidence to support them, and the origin of the phrase remains uncertain.
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The OLR in November asked the referee in the case, Kim Peterson, to find Burton in default, adopt the allegations in the complaint and recommend that Burton be publicly reprimanded.
Burton's iconic Super Bowl play and his increase in playing time are emblematic of the changing style of play in the National Football League.
Bottom line, Burton has only missed three regular-season games in five years, and his latest injury is not cause for future concern.
City's squad is valued at PS1billion compared to the PS6million figure placed on Burton's players.
For 37 years, Burton Pools & Spas has been the premier provider of swimming pools, hot tubs, and outdoor recreation equipment in Northwest Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma, Southwest Missouri and just about everywhere in between.
Indeed, despite being largely ignored by his architectural contemporaries, glasshouses were part of Burton's work throughout his career.
Coady's well-placed ball over the top of the Burton defence fell perfectly for Costa.
Morgan and Burton met through his "Supernatural" co-star Jensen Ackles, (http://hollywoodlife.com/2017/01/06/who-is-hilarie-burton-jeffrey-dean-morgan-wife/) Heavy reported.
Olivia Burton designs are inspired by both fashion and vintage trends for the millennial consumer at accessible price points, with new watch collections launched every two months.
Murray Pomerance provides the first essay on aesthetics with "Burton Black." This explores the director's fascination with the color black, and while Pomerance recognizes that this observation is obvious, he develops a discussion of Burton's use of the color in a variety of ways including black line, shadow, identity definition, and contrast with a world of other colors.
And some of the revision notes the actor wrote down and placed in the dictionary may give a hint as to the health problems Burton started to experience in the years leading up to his death from a brain haemorrhage on August 5, 1984, in Celigny, where he is buried.
Police were called and began a search in the area after the victim spotted Burton nearby wearing only one trainer.
Owners Apollo Global Management and Canadian bank CIBC appointed Credit Suisse to review the options for Burton's in March as part of a strategic review.
"Burton and Taylor'' is the biographical film that Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor deserve.
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