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gone for a burton

Having failed or become useless; dead. Primarily heard in UK. Well, my plan to go to the beach is gone for a burton now that it's supposed to rain all weekend.
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go for a Burton

meet with disaster; be ruined, destroyed, or killed.British informal
This phrase first appeared in mid 20th- century air force slang, meaning ‘be killed in a crash’. It has been suggested that it refers to Burton's, the British men's outfitters, or to Burton, a kind of ale, but these are folk etymologies with no definite evidence to support them, and the origin of the phrase remains uncertain.
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Police were called and began a search in the area after the victim spotted Burton nearby wearing only one trainer.
5, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Milk, a content, creative and media company that stands at the intersection of fashion, music, photography, art and film, announced today a collaboration with Burton Snowboards, the world's leading snowboard company.
Promoter: Arcadia Group Brands Limited trading as Burton, Colegrave House, 70 Berners Street, London, W1T 3NL.
Contract award: Burton Co-operative Learning Trust Catering Services.
To the reader: Simply cut out this voucher and take it to your nearest Burton store.
Fifth in the popular and successful children's series Friendship Tales from the Farm, "Burton Helps Dixie Duck" is a story of how Burton the Scarecrow and his farm friends help Dixie Duck find her seven precious lost duckling eggs.
French would have been useful for Burton as early as 1957, when the actor and his first wife, Sybil, moved to become tax exiles in Celigny, Switzerland, where his Swiss villa was called Le Pays de Galles (Wales, in French).
In 1943, aged 18, his intelligence and near photographic memory so impressed his teacher and mentor Philip Burton he helped the teenager go to Exeter College, Oxford for a special term of six months study, made possible because the then amateur actor was an air force cadet obligated to later military service.
As far as products go, the 2,800-square-foot Burton DC store features an extensive line-up of Burton's best-in-class outerwear, bags and accessories, as well as a great range of apparel including hoodies, denim, flannels, t-shirts and more.
The importance of disguise to Burton lays bare a less savory aspect of his personality.
Burton has been selected to serve as director of URS' Gulf Coast reconstruction team.
Bishop Anthony Burton of Saskatchewan has been elected chair of the Council of the North, succeeding Archbishop John Clarke, who ends his three-year term in June.
Among those who thought that Executive Branch obstructionism would end with the departure of the Clinton administration was Congressman Dan Burton (R-Ind.
Above all Burton emphasized, even exaggerated, the definition of parts and the articulation of their relationships.
BURTON Menswear, The Official Menswear Supplier to The Football Association, has just launched Aston Villa FC merchandise and team clothing in their stores across the region.