burst open

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burst open

1. To open abruptly, typically with or as a result of force. Floodwaters caused the dam to burst open.
2. To cause something to open, often due to the use of force. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "burst" and "open." The police used a battering ram to burst the door open.
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ˌburst ˈopen


ˌburst (something) ˈopen

open suddenly or violently; make something open in this way: The door burst open.Firefighters burst the door open and rescued them.
See also: burst, open
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But we're right to be worried when the pair wait nervously in the attic only to be startled when the door suddenly bursts open...
chakra bursts open like a Japanese pinball flower I stuff
This builds up so much pressure that the whole thing bursts open, making the explosive "pop".
A door bursts open and in rushes a messenger who cries 'Grave news my liege our spies have told us that they are cutting the grass on the A55'.
The hull bursts open. Now the popcorn is ready to eat." Brightly illustrated in yellow and green hues, Corn is highly recommended as a wonderful addition to children's library collections.
A FLOWER which bursts open in half a millisecond has been hailed as the world's fastest moving plant after a special camera captured it in action.
is a bird dog, and his nose tells him something is amiss even before the box bursts open and a brown fur ball zooms by him, leaking all over the place.
Reality bursts open, the impossible suddenly appears right in front of us, and with Norris's Sarah, we let out an astonished laugh.
Just as Pa is beginning to count the money again for the 5,752 time, the door bursts open and in leaps Fargo Fink, sneering so nastily that the table begins to shake.
A witness said: "All of a sudden a hatch bursts open.