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Bursts can be lost at a single or few OBS network core nodes in the case of contention, even when network is low loaded because of the lack of one way signalling adaptation and general scheduling [1], [3]-[6].
TEHRAN (FNA)- For the first time ever, researchers from the Niels Bohr Institute, among others, observed an unusually powerful gamma-ray burst in the relatively nearby universe -- a monster gamma-ray burst.
The four radio bursts were the first ever detected from outside the Milky Way galaxy, (http://www.
Most bursts are too far away for telescopes to see the underlying supernovas, but stellar explosions have been identified for four of the closest known bursts.
They then detected the fiery glow of the exploding star, or supernova, that generated the burst.
Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) come in two distinct types, and astronomers have long suspected that they result from two different causes.
Right after the gamma-ray burst was detected, dozens of scientific institutions in many parts of the world raced to look for any traces it might have left.
Matisse Networks, the leader in optical burst switching (OBS), today announced availability of the EtherBurst(TM) optical switch consisting of the SX-1000 Ethernet Service Node, the PX-1000 Photonic Node and the MatisseView management system.
Scientists believe they have traced the origins of four mysterious cosmic radio bursts to a time when the universe was half its current age - around seven billion years ago.
But at least earthlings don't have to worry about gamma-ray bursts, according to new findings.
After years of uncertainty, astronomers think they are finally closing in on the true nature of gamma-ray bursts.
While downstream communication from the OLT to each ONU operates using a continuous flow of data, upstream communication from each ONU to the OLT operates in timed bursts.
Isn't that because gamma-ray bursts from core-collapse supernovas are directional, along the axis of rotation?
Despite decades of effort, astronomers still don't know the origin of brief but powerful gamma-ray bursts.
Bigger Bursts and Automatic New Folder Creation So Photographers Won't Miss a Shot