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The technique worked and now a group of astronomers, led by Emily Petroff (Swinburne University of Technology), have succeeded in observing the first 'live' burst with the Parkes telescope.
Meanwhile the burst with higher priority earlier described it is necessary to apply earlier described collision resolution method.
Although breaking a utility is possible, a properly executed burst with nearby utilities that have been pre-marked or exposed prior to pipe bursting should be rare.
For instance, last December 19th Swift caught a long burst with a complex light curve.
Waterworks would attempt the burst with a pneumatic Grundocrack PCF 145 from TT Technologies, Aurora IL.
In most cases, there was one bright burst with fainter ones around it.
Typical water mains constructed of cast iron, asbestos cement or plastics can be burst with relative ease utilizing pipe splitting techniques which allows a new pipe with increased capacity to be installed.
It was the closest-ever burst with a known redshift, apart from the odd, very weak, atypical burst GRB 980425, which apparently coincided with the strange Supernova 1998bw.